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[[Image:Obituaries.jpg|right|200px|Obituaries.jpg]]''[[North America]] [[File:Gotoarrow.png]] [[United States Genealogy|United States]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] [[Alabama Genealogy|Alabama]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] [[Alabama_Obituaries|Obituaries]]'' <br><br>
[[United States Obituaries|Obituaries]] provide such information as the age and occupation of the deceased; his or her birth date and place, including foreign town and country of birth; marriage date and place; parents’ names; and the residences of living children, relatives, or other family members. A woman’s maiden name may be given. Deceased family members are frequently mentioned. Obituaries may also indicate previous places of residence, immigration information, religious affiliation, and any social organizations or activities in which the deceased was involved. Obituaries have been published in Alabama since the early 1800s. Some examples of books with obituaries are: <br>
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