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==Michigan Information==
Michigan became the twenty-sixth 26th state admitted to the Union in on January 26, 1837.  Michigan was created from Michigan Territory and is located in the Midwestern region of the United States.<ref>Wikipedia contributors, "Michigan " in Wikipedia: the The Free Encyclopedia at (accessed 15 March 2016).</ref>  Early settlers included: Delaware, Fox, Menominee, Miami, Odawa (Ottawa), Ojibwe (Chippewa), Potawatomi, and Wyandot (Huron). The French were the first Europeans to explore Michigan, beginning around 1620. In 1668 Jesuit missionary Père Jacques Marquette founded Sault Ste. There are 83 counties in the U.S. state of Michigan.  The State capital is Lansing. <ref>Wikipedia contributors, "List of US States by Date of Admission," in ''Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia'',, accessed 09/18/2016.</ref>
==Getting Started ==
<h3>Getting Started with Michigan Research</h3>
Links to articles on getting started with Michigan research.
*[[GuidedResearch:Michigan|Guided Research]]
*[[Step-by-Step Michigan Research, 1880-Present]]
*[[How to Find Michigan Birth Records|How to Find Birth Records]]
*[[How to Find Michigan Marriage Records|How to Find Marriage Records]]
*[[Michigan Archives and Libraries|Michigan Archives and Libraries]]
*[ MIGenWeb]
*[http f?p=138:1:5707269042885 Geographical Names Information System] - U.S. gazetteer of places, cemeteries and post offices in Michigan . |}{{Click|Image:MI_ORP.png|<div id="fsButtons"><span class="online_records_button">[[Michigan Online Genealogy Records}} ]]</span>|<span class="community_button">[[File:Ask_the_Community_Button.pngFamilySearch Genealogy Research Groups|link=Ask_the_Community_Button.pngAsk the <br>Community]]</span></div>|}
== Michigan Clickable Map==
{| style="width:100%; vertical-align:top;"
|<ul class="column-spacing-fullscreen" style="width:16%; verticalpadding-alignright:top5px;"|>* <li>[[Alcona County, Michigan Genealogy|Alcona]] </li> * <li>[[Alger County, Michigan Genealogy|Alger]] </li> * <li>[[Allegan County, Michigan Genealogy|Allegan]] </li> * <li>[[Alpena County, Michigan Genealogy|Alpena]] </li> * <li>[[Antrim County, Michigan Genealogy|Antrim]] </li> * <li>[[Arenac County, Michigan Genealogy|Arenac]] </li> * <li>[[Baraga County, Michigan Genealogy|Baraga]] </li> * <li>[[Barry County, Michigan Genealogy|Barry]] </li> * <li>[[Bay County, Michigan Genealogy|Bay]] </li> * <li>[[Benzie County, Michigan Genealogy|Benzie]] </li> * <li>[[Berrien County, Michigan Genealogy|Berrien]] </li> * <li>[[Branch County, Michigan Genealogy|Branch]] </li> * <li>[[Calhoun County, Michigan Genealogy|Calhoun]] </li> * <li>[[Cass County, Michigan Genealogy|Cass]] </li> |style="width:16%; vertical-align:top;"|* <li>[[Charlevoix County, Michigan Genealogy|Charlevoix]] </li> * <li>[[Cheboygan County, Michigan Genealogy|Cheboygan]] </li> * <li>[[Chippewa County, Michigan Genealogy|Chippewa]] </li> * <li>[[Clare County, Michigan Genealogy|Clare]] </li> * <li>[[Clinton County, Michigan Genealogy|Clinton]] </li> * <li>[[Crawford County, Michigan Genealogy|Crawford]] </li> * <li>[[Delta County, Michigan Genealogy|Delta]]</li>* <li>[[Dickinson County, Michigan Genealogy|Dickinson]] </li> * <li>[[Eaton County, Michigan Genealogy|Eaton]] </li> * <li>[[Emmet County, Michigan Genealogy|Emmet]] </li> * <li>[[Genesee County, Michigan Genealogy|Genesee]] </li> * <li>[[Gladwin County, Michigan Genealogy|Gladwin]] </li> * <li>[[Gogebic County, Michigan Genealogy|Gogebic]] </li> * <li>[[Grand Traverse County, Michigan Genealogy|Grand Traverse]] </li> |style="width:16%; vertical-align:top;"|* <li>[[Gratiot County, Michigan Genealogy|Gratiot]] </li> * <li>[[Hillsdale County, Michigan Genealogy|Hillsdale]] </li> * <li>[[Houghton County, Michigan Genealogy|Houghton]] </li> * <li>[[Huron County, Michigan Genealogy|Huron]] </li> * <li>[[Ingham County, Michigan Genealogy|Ingham]] </li> * <li>[[Ionia County, Michigan Genealogy|Ionia]] </li> * <li>[[Iosco County, Michigan Genealogy|Iosco]] </li> * <li>[[Iron County, Michigan Genealogy|Iron]] </li> * <li>[[Isabella County, Michigan Genealogy|Isabella]] </li> * <li>[[Jackson County, Michigan Genealogy|Jackson]] </li> * <li>[[Kalamazoo County, Michigan Genealogy|Kalamazoo]] </li> * <li>[[Kalkaska County, Michigan Genealogy|Kalkaska]] </li> * <li>[[Kent County, Michigan Genealogy|Kent]] </li> * <li>[[Keweenaw County, Michigan Genealogy|Keweenaw]]</li>|style="width:16%; vertical-align:top;"|* <li>[[Lake County, Michigan Genealogy|Lake]] </li> * <li>[[Lapeer County, Michigan Genealogy|Lapeer]] </li> * <li>[[Leelanau County, Michigan Genealogy|Leelanau]] </li> * <li>[[Lenawee County, Michigan Genealogy|Lenawee]] </li> * <li>[[Livingston County, Michigan Genealogy|Livingston]] </li> * <li>[[Luce County, Michigan Genealogy|Luce]] </li> * <li>[[Mackinac County, Michigan Genealogy|Mackinac]] </li> * <li>[[Macomb County, Michigan Genealogy|Macomb]] </li> * <li>[[Manistee County, Michigan Genealogy|Manistee]] </li> * <li>[[Marquette County, Michigan Genealogy|Marquette]] </li> * <li>[[Mason County, Michigan Genealogy|Mason]] </li> * <li>[[Mecosta County, Michigan Genealogy|Mecosta]] </li> * <li>[[Menominee County, Michigan Genealogy|Menominee]] </li> * <li>[[Midland County, Michigan Genealogy|Midland]] </li> |style="width:16%; vertical-align:top;"|* <li>[[Missaukee County, Michigan Genealogy|Missaukee]] </li> * <li>[[Monroe County, Michigan Genealogy|Monroe]] </li> * <li>[[Montcalm County, Michigan Genealogy|Montcalm]] </li> * <li>[[Montmorency County, Michigan Genealogy|Montmorency]] </li> * <li>[[Muskegon County, Michigan Genealogy|Muskegon]] </li> * <li>[[Newaygo County, Michigan Genealogy|Newaygo]] </li> * <li>[[Oakland County, Michigan Genealogy|Oakland]]</li>* <li>[[Oceana County, Michigan Genealogy|Oceana]] </li> * <li>[[Ogemaw County, Michigan Genealogy|Ogemaw]] </li> * <li>[[Ontonagon County, Michigan Genealogy|Ontonagon]] </li> * <li>[[Osceola County, Michigan Genealogy|Osceola]] </li> * <li>[[Oscoda County, Michigan Genealogy|Oscoda]] </li> * <li>[[Otsego County, Michigan Genealogy|Otsego]] </li> * <li>[[Ottawa County, Michigan Genealogy|Ottawa]] </li> |style="width:16%; vertical-align:top;"|* <li>[[Presque Isle County, Michigan Genealogy|Presque Isle]] </li> * <li>[[Roscommon County, Michigan Genealogy|Roscommon]] </li> * <li>[[Saginaw County, Michigan Genealogy|Saginaw]] </li> * <li>[[Sanilac County, Michigan Genealogy|Sanilac]] </li> * <li>[[Schoolcraft County, Michigan Genealogy|Schoolcraft]] </li> * <li>[[Shiawassee County, Michigan Genealogy|Shiawassee]] </li> * <li>[[St. Clair County, Michigan Genealogy|St. Clair]] </li> * <li>[[St. Joseph County, Michigan Genealogy|St. Joseph]] </li> * <li>[[Tuscola County, Michigan Genealogy|Tuscola]] </li> * <li>[[Van Buren County, Michigan Genealogy|Van Buren]] </li> * <li>[[Washtenaw County, Michigan Genealogy|Washtenaw]] </li> * <li>[[Wayne County, Michigan Genealogy|Wayne]] </li> * <li>[[Wexford County, Michigan Genealogy|Wexford]]</li></ul>
{| style="width:70%; vertical-align:top;"
|<ul class="column-spacing-halfscreen" style="width:20%; verticalpadding-alignright:top5px;"|>* <li>[[Detroit-Chicago Road]]</li>* <li>[[Erie Canal]]</li>* <li>[[Erie-Kalamazoo Railroad]]</li>* <li>[[Migration Roads in Michigan|Fort Gratiot Road]]</li>* <li>[[Lake Erie]]</li>* <li>[[Lake Huron]]</li>|style="width:20%; vertical-align:top;"|* <li>[[Lake Michigan]]</li>* <li>[[Lake Superior]]</li>* <li>[[Great Path]]</li>* <li>[[Grand River Road]]</li>* <li>[[Great Trail]]</li>* <li>[[Migration Roads in Michigan|La Plaissance Bay Road]]</li>|style="width:20%; vertical-align:top;"|* <li>[[Lake Shore Path]]</li>* <li>[[Lake Trail]]</li>* <li>[[Migration Roads in Michigan|Maumee-Jonesville Road]]</li>* <li>[[Migration Roads in Michigan|Monroe Road]]</li>* <li>[[Saginaw Road]]</li>* <li>[[Sauk Trail]]</li>|style="width:20%; vertical-align:top;"|* <li>[[Soo Locks]]</li>* <li>[[Tennessee, Ohio and Great Lakes Trail]]</li>* <li>[[Vincennes-Indianapolis-Detroit Road|Detroit-Vincennes Road]]</li></ul>
==FamilySearch Resources==
Below are FamilySearch resources that can assist you in resourcing researching your family.<br>*[[Genealogy Help on Facebook|Facebook Communities]] - Facebook groups discussing genealogy research*[ Learning Center] - Online genealogy courses
*[ Historical Records] - databases and record images on FamilySearch
*[ Family History Center locator map]
*[[Genealogy Help on Facebook|Facebook Communities]] - Facebook groups discussing genealogy research
*[ Learning Center] - Online genealogy courses
== Additional Resources ==
*[,9327,7-381-88854_89984---,00.html Archive of Michigan Research Resources]
*[ Access Genealogy] – Genealogy guide for Michigan
*[] - resources for Michigan genealogy research
*[ Cyndi's List] - Michigan genealogy sites on the internet
*[ Every Name Index]*[ Michigan Genealogy Trails] - a collection of transcribed data for the state of Michigan *[httpshttp://wwwfiles.lib.accessgenealogybyu.comedu/family-history-library/michiganresearch-genealogy Access Genealogyoutlines/US/Michigan.pdf Michigan Research Outline] – Genealogy guide for Michigan Original Family History Library research outline; contains many out of date links*[http://wwwarchive.lib.ancestorhuntmsu.comedu/DMC/michStateGovDocsOnline/michigan-genealogymichStateGovDocsOnline.htm Ancestorhunt.compdf Michigan State Government Documents: A Researcher’s Guide] - resources for Michigan genealogy research
*[ Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness] - Guide to Ancestry and Family Tree Records for Michigan
*[ Michigan Research Outline] – Original Family History Library research outline; contains many out of date links
=== References ===
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