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__NOTOC__''[[United States]] [[ImageFile:Gotoarrow.png]] [[NewMexico|New Mexico]]'' {{NewMexico-sidebar-new}}Guide to '''New Mexico genealogy.''' Birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, family history, and military records.==New Mexico Information==New Mexico is a state in the western portion of the United States. It is divided into 33 counties.
Guide to '''New Mexico ancestry, family history and genealogy''', birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, and military records {{New Mexica-sidebar}}<div style="float: right; width: 74%">== '''New Mexico, Land of Enchantment''' Getting Started == {| width="50%" border="1" align="left" style="font-size: 13.600000381469727px;"|-! valign="middle" bgcolor="003c70" align="center" scope="col" colspan="2" | &nbsp; &nbsp;<font color="#fcfaff">How to Find Information about New Mexico Ancestors</font>
| bgcolorstyle="cdfcffvertical-align:top; padding-right:15px;" | &nbsp; '''1<h3>Getting Started with New Mexico Research</h3>Links to articles on getting started with New Mexico research. *[[How to Find New Mexico Birth Records|How to Find Birth InformationRecords]]<br>2. *[[How to Find New Mexico Marriage Records|How to Find Marriage InformationRecords]]<br>3. *[[How to Find New Mexico Death Records|How to Find Death InformationRecords]]*[[New Mexico Research Tips and Strategies|Research Strategies]]'''
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<h3>New Mexico Research Tools</h3>
Links to articles and websites that assist in United States research.
*[[New Mexico Record Selection Table|Record Finder]]
*[ Boundary Changes Maps]
*[[New Mexico Archives and Libraries|Archives and Libraries]]
*[ NMGenWeb]
*[ Geographical Names Information System] - U.S. gazetteer of places, cemeteries and post offices in New Mexico.
{{Click|Image:NM_ORP.png|New Mexico Online Genealogy Records|rightleft}} <center> {{NMmapClick|Image:Ask_the_Community_Button.png|Ask the Community}}</center> === Counties ===
[[Bernalillo County, New Mexico Genealogy|Bernalillo]]{{·}} [[Catron County, New Mexico Genealogy|Catron]]{{·}} [[Chaves County, New Mexico Genealogy|Chaves]]{{·}} [[Cibola County, New Mexico Genealogy|Cibola]]{{·}} [[Colfax County, New Mexico Genealogy|Colfax]]{{·}} [[Curry County, New Mexico Genealogy|Curry]]{{·}} [[De Baca County, New Mexico Genealogy|De Baca]]{{·}} [[Dona Ana County, New Mexico Genealogy|Dona Ana]]{{·}} [[Eddy County, New Mexico Genealogy|Eddy]]{{·}} [[Grant County, ==New Mexico Clickable Map==Genealogy|Grant]]{{·}} [[Guadalupe County, New Mexico Genealogy|Guadalupe]]{{·}} [[Harding County, New Mexico Genealogy|Harding]]{{·}} [[Hidalgo County, New Mexico Genealogy|Hidalgo]]{{·}} [[Lea County, New Mexico Genealogy|Lea]]{{·}} [[Lincoln County, New Mexico Genealogy|Lincoln]]{{·}} [[Los Alamos County, New Mexico Genealogy|Los Alamos]]{{·}} [[Luna County, New Mexico Genealogy|Luna]]{{·}} [[McKinley County, New Mexico Genealogy|McKinley]]{{·}} [[Mora County, New Mexico Genealogy|Mora]]{{·}} [[Otero County, New Mexico Genealogy|Otero]]{{·}} [[Quay County, New Mexico Genealogy|Quay]]{{·}} [[Rio Arriba County, New Mexico Genealogy|Rio Arriba]]{{·}} [[Roosevelt County, New Mexico Genealogy|Roosevelt]]{{·}} [[San Juan County, New Mexico Genealogy|San Juan]]{{·}} [[San Miguel County, New Mexico Genealogy|San Miguel]]{{·}} [[Sandoval County, New Mexico Genealogy|Sandoval]]{{·}} [[Santa Fe County, New Mexico Genealogy|Santa Fe]]{{·}} [[Sierra County, New Mexico Genealogy|Sierra]]{{·}} [[Socorro County, New Mexico Genealogy|Socorro]]{{·}} [[Taos County, New Mexico Genealogy|Taos]]{{·}} [[Torrance County, New Mexico Genealogy|Torrance]]{{·}} [[Union County, New Mexico Genealogy|Union]]{{·}} [[Valencia County, New Mexico Genealogy|Valencia]] <center>{{NMimagemap2}} </center> '''Other Counties that might have records for are kept on the county level in New Mexico residents''' Click on a county below to go to the Wiki article listing more information.
[[Arizona County, New Mexico (Extinct)|Arizona County NM]]{{·}}[[Castle Dome County, Arizona Genealogy|Castle Dome AZ]]{{·}} [[Dona Ana County, Arizona Genealogy|Dona Ana AZ]]{{·}} [[Ewell County, Arizona Genealogy|Ewell AZ]]{{·}} [[Mesilla County, Arizona Genealogy|Mesilla AZ]]{{·}} [[San Juan County, New Mexico (Extinct)|San Juan (extinct) NM]]{{·}} [[Santa Ana County, New Mexico Genealogy|Santa Ana NM]]
See also [[Previous Jurisdictions {{NMmap}}<div style="clear:both"></div>==Counties==Genealogy records are kept on the county level in New Mexico. Click on a county below to Land in Arizona]] for further detailsgo to the Wiki article listing more information.
{| width="99%" class== Major Respositories ==="FCK__ShowTableBorders"|-|*[[Bernalillo County, New Mexico State LibraryGenealogy|Bernalillo]]{{·}} *[[Catron County, New Mexico State Records Center and ArchivesGenealogy|Catron]]{{·}} *[[Special Collections Albuquerque-Bernalillo Chaves County Library, New Mexico Genealogy|Chaves]]{{·}} [ Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Santa Fe]{{·}} [[Fray Angélico Chávez History Library]]{{·}} [[Center for Southwest Research (UNM)]]{{·}} *[[Cibola County, New Mexico State University Library Rio Grande Historical Collections]]{{·}} [[National Hispanic Cultural Center]]{{·}} [[Rio Grande Valley Library]]{{·}} [[National Archives Rocky Mountain Region (Denver)]]{{·}} [[Family History LibraryGenealogy|Cibola]]  === Migration Routes === *[[Pecos River]]{{·}} [[Rio Grande]]{{·}} [[Butterfield Overland Mail]]{{·}} [[Camino Real de Tierra Adentro]]{{·}} [[Old Spanish Trail]]{{·}} [[Santa Fe Trail]]{{·}} [[Atlantic and Pacific Railroad]]{{·}} [[AtchisonColfax County, Topeka, and Santa Fe RailwayNew Mexico Genealogy|Santa Fe Railway]]{{·}} [[Southern Pacific Railroad]]{{·}} [[Texas and Pacific RailwayColfax]]  === Historical Notes === Many military records are found at the Family History Library, the National Archives, and other federal and state archives. *[[United States]] provides more information about the federal records.<br>The New Mexico Records Center and Archives has muster rollsCurry County, cemetery records, and files of the Adjutant General's office from 1848 to 1945. [[New Mexico Military RecordsGenealogy|Read more...Curry]]  Originally known as a part of Aztlan *[[the land of the north].&nbsp; Home of the ancestors of many native american and hispanic populations.&nbsp;  *1598 - El Reino de Nuevo MexicoDe Baca County, Nueva Espana [The Kingdom of New Mexico, New Spain].&nbsp; Look for Spanish land records and Spanish census record. See also&nbsp;[[Camino Real de Tierra AdentroGenealogy|Camino Real de Tierra AdentroDe Baca]]<br>
| valign="top" | *1821 - Territorio de Nuevo [[Dona Ana County, New Mexico Genealogy|Dona Ana]]*[[Eddy County, New Mexico Genealogy|Eddy]]*[[Grant County, New Mexico Genealogy|Grant]]*[[Guadalupe County, New MexicoGenealogy|Guadalupe]]*[[Harding County, New Mexico Genealogy|Harding]]*[[The Territory of Hidalgo County, New MexicoGenealogy|Hidalgo]]*[[Lea County, New MexicoGenealogy|Lea]].&nbsp; Look for Mexican records
| valign="top" | *1848 - The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo transferred much of the southwest to the United States[[Lincoln County, New Mexico Genealogy|Lincoln]]*[[Los Alamos County, New Mexico Genealogy|Los Alamos]]*[[Luna County, New Mexico Genealogy|Luna]]*[[McKinley County, New Mexico Genealogy|McKinley]]*[[Mora County, New Mexico Genealogy|Mora]]*[[Otero County, New Mexico Genealogy|Otero]]*[[Quay County, New Mexico Genealogy|Quay]]
*1850 - 1st United States Federal Census in New Mexico Territory *1912 - New Mexico becomes the 47th state in the United States === Did You Know? === *The best collection of published biographies in New Mexico is at the [ New Mexico State Library]. *The Family History Library has some biographies. [[New Mexico Biography|Read more...]]<br> *'''[[Gretna Greens in the United States|Gretna Greens]].''' When a New Mexico couple's marriage is not in their home county, search for it in alternate places like [[Clark County, Nevada Genealogy|Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada]], or [[Yuma County, Arizona Genealogy|Yuma, Yuma, Arizona]].<ref namevalign="Eakle1top">Arlene H. Eakle, "Have you searched and searched for a marriage without finding it?" in ''Genealogy Blog'' at (accessed 8 January 2011).</ref> === Research Tools === *Find which county a town is in, what town a cemetery is in, even where a postoffice or building is by using the United States Geographical Survey's [ Geographical Names Information System]. | *[ New Mexico Genealogy Network Community on Google+] *[ New Mexico Genealogy - Guide to Ancestry] city and government links, history and facts of counties, and list of archives and societies*[ Rotating Formation New Mexico Rio Arriba County Boundary Maps and Atlases] *[ David Rumsey Map Collection] is a large online collection of rare, old, antique historical atlases, globes, maps, charts plus other cartographic treasures. *[ The New Mexico GenWeb Project] has a wealth of information and is a part of the larger [[USGenWebGenealogy|USGenWeb ProjectRio Arriba]]. [ The USGenWeb Project] provides internet information on every county in every state in the United States. *[ New Mexico Genealogy Network Group on Facebook] *[ Place Names of Roosevelt County, New Mexico]&nbsp;by Robert Julyan gives a short explanation about the towns and cities in New Mexico. ISBN: 0-8263-1689-1 *''Origins of New Mexico Families, A Genealogy of the Spanish Colonial Period''&nbsp;by Fray Angelico Chavez (Museum of New Mexico Press, 1992): lists information about the founding families of Hispanic New Mexico for the 17th and 18th centuries.&nbsp; ISBN: 0-89013-239-0. *[ BYU New Mexico Research Outline] largely duplicates these Wiki pages. Includes some bibliographic lists from BYU Library, 2001.<br> === External Links === [[Image:New-mexico.png|right|150px|New-mexico.pngRoosevelt]] [ New Mexico Genealogical Society]  [ New Mexico DNA Project]  '''Wiki articles describing online collecions are found at:'''  *[[San Juan County, New Mexico Births and Christenings (FamilySearch Historical Records)Genealogy|New Mexico Births and Christenings (FamilySearch Historical Records)San Juan]] *[[New Mexico, San Miguel County Death Records (FamilySearch Historical Records)|New Mexico, County Death Records FamilySearch Historical Records)]] *[[New Mexico Deaths and Burials (FamilySearch Historical Records)Genealogy|New Mexico Deaths and Burials (FamilySearch Historical Records)San Miguel]] *[[Sandoval County, New Mexico Death Records (FamilySearch Historical Records)Genealogy|New Mexico Death Records (FamilySearch Historical Records)Sandoval]] *[[Santa Fe County, New Mexico Marriages (FamilySearch Historical Records)|New Mexico Marriages (FamilySearch Historical Records)]] === Obtain additional help === [[Image:New Mexico flag.png|right|150pxGenealogy|New Mexico flag.pngSanta Fe]]  *[ Call or chat with an experienced researcher]&nbsp;&nbsp; *[ County, New-Mexico-Genealogy-Research/278353502243281?fref=ts Join a Facebook Group]&nbsp;&nbsp; *[[Professional Genealogists who specialize in New Mexico Research|Consult a Professional Genealogist]] === Things You Can Do === In order to make this wiki a better research tool, we need your help! Many tasks need to be done. You can help by:<br>  {| cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" border="0" class="FCK__ShowTableBorders"|-| | *[[Edit a page|Expand an article]] or [[Special:Shortpages|short page]] *[[Help:Creating a Page|Create a new article]]<br> *[[How to categorize an article|Categorize articlesSierra]]<br>
| valign="top" | *[[Socorro County, New Mexico Genealogy|Socorro]]*[[Taos County, New Mexico Genealogy|Taos]]*[[Create an external linkTorrance County, New Mexico Genealogy|Add external links to articlesTorrance]] *[[Create an internal linkUnion County, New Mexico Genealogy|Add internal links to articlesUnion]] *Other...[[Valencia County, New Mexico Genealogy|Valencia]]
{{Click==FamilySearch Resources==Below are FamilySearch resources that can assist you in resourcing your family.*[[Genealogy Help on Facebook|ImageFacebook Communities]] - Facebook groups discussing genealogy research*[ Learning Center] - Online genealogy courses*[https:Volunteers wanted sm//familysearch.png|FamilySearch Wikiorg/search/ Historical Records]*[https:Help wanted on the New Mexico pages|Wiki Volunteers Wanted}} // Family History Center locator map]
To add your knowledge and help expand ==Other Resources==*[ Cyndi's List] - New Mexico genealogy sites on the wiki internet*[ Alabama Genealogy Trails] - collection of transcribed data for the state of New Mexico*[FamilySearch Wikihttps:Help wanted on the // Access Genealogy] – Genealogy guide for New Mexico pages|click here*[]- resources for Alabama genealogy research*[ Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness]- Guide to Ancestry and Family Tree Records for New Mexico*[http: // New Mexico Research Outline] – Original Family History Library research outline; contains many out of date links<br><br>
=== Sources ===
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