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=== Research Tools ===
*[ Colorado State and County Genealogy Records Resources]<br>
*Find which county a town is in, what town a cemetery is in, even where a postoffice or building is by using the United States Geographical Survey's [ Geographical Names Information System].
*[ David Rumsey Map Collection] is a large online collection of rare, old, antique historical atlases, globes, maps, charts plus other cartographic treasures.
*[ Access Genealogy: Colorado Genealogy] has a wealth of information.<br>
*[ Roots-L Colorado Resources] - Colorado Genealogical and Historical Resources on the Net<br>
*[ Family History 101 ] -&nbsp; State of / Genealogy, Family History, Ancestry and Records Resources<br> *[ Family History 101 Inc Colorado] -&nbsp; State of Colorado Genealogy, Family History, Ancestry and Records Resources<br>
*[ Cyndi's List] of Genealogical Sites on the Internet for Colorado
*[ BYU Research Outline for Colorado]&nbsp; - downloads PDF file. <br>
*[ FamilySearch Historical Record Collections ]for Colorado *[ Colorado Genealogy] extensive directory of Colorado genealogy records
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