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''{{breadcrumb| link1=[[England Genealogy|England]] | link2=[[Image:Gotoarrow.pngHerefordshire,_England_Genealogy|Herefordshire]] | link3=[[HerefordshireProbate Records|Herefordshire Probate Records]] | link4=| link5=[[Image:Gotoarrow.pngCourt_of_the_Bishop_of_Hereford_(Episcopal_Consistory)|Court of the Bishop of Hereford (Episcopal Consistory)]] }}{{breadcrumb| link1=[[Herefordshire Probate RecordsEngland Genealogy|England]]| link2=[[Worcestershire, _England_Genealogy|Worcestershire]]| link3=[[Worcestershire Probate Records|Worcestershire Probate Records]]'' | link4=| link5=[[Court_of_the_Bishop_of_Hereford_(Episcopal_Consistory)|Court of the Bishop of Hereford (Episcopal Consistory)]]}}{{breadcrumb| link1=[[England Genealogy|England]]| link2=[[Gloucestershire,_England_Genealogy|Gloucestershire]]| link3=[[Gloucestershire Probate Records|Probate Records]]| link4=| link5=[[Court_of_the_Bishop_of_Hereford_(Episcopal_Consistory)|Court of the Bishop of Hereford (Episcopal Consistory)]] }}
== Step By Step ==
1. First &nbsp;If you have not yet found an index reference for&nbsp;the&nbsp;probate record&nbsp;of your ancestor, [ search each index (see ]&nbsp;the indexes&nbsp;listed below) to help .&nbsp; If you more quickly find the will or administration (admon)a reference, writing write down each detail cited in the indexed index entry.<br>2. Proceed to the "Probate Records of This Court" (below) to determine what original probate records exist for this court.<br>3. Contact or visit the Herefordshire Record Office, or,&nbsp;hire a professional record searcher to view these records on your behalf. Officials may be able to send upon request a list of record searchersupon request. OR...<br>4. Visit The the[[Family History Library|Family History Library]] in Salt Lake City, or, one of its 4,500 satellite [[Introduction to Family History Centers|family history centers ]] worldwide , and search indexes to the probate records;.&nbsp;then with With the information obtained from the &nbsp;an index[es] , you can search &nbsp;more quickly find the&nbsp;original wills and admons also&nbsp;on microfilm via anyrecords&nbsp;[ centers]&nbsp;near youon microfilm and view the film.
== Indexes ==
==== Online Indexes ====
Here are some *'''1660-1858''' - Wills search on [http].html indexes to this courtsIncludes ' wills onlineover 45,000 entries taken from the Hereford Diocese Probate Act Books 1700-1858 and Hereford Deanery Probate Act Books 1660-1858.] '
==== Printed Indexes ====Here, with links on the GENUKI website, are some [ online indexes to this courts' wills.]
''Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica, ''Series 5,vol. 4 Index to&nbsp;Wills Proved in the Court of the Bishop of Hereford 1444-1578 ==== Printed and Microfilmed Indexes ====
''Index to wills proved in Printed indexes available at the Bishop's Court of Hereford'' 1442-1579, by Stephen J. Kelsey Family History Library and elsewhere:
*Index to wills proved in the Court of the Bishop of Hereford, 1444-1578, printed in ''Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica'', FHL book 942 B2m series 5 volume 4. *{{FHL|211004|title-id|disp=Index to wills proved in the Bishop's Court of Hereford 1442-1579}}; also on film. *{{FHL|1470489|title-id|disp=Index to wills proved in the Bishop's Court of Hereford Before the Commonwealth Period''&nbsp;1601-1656 by Stephen&nbsp}};Jalso on film. Kelsey
==== Indexes in The Family History Library ====has film copies of the following indexes:
The original *{{FHL|566629|title-id|disp=Probate indexes and microfilmed records include indexes. The Family History Library has film copies abstracts, 1662-1858}} *{{FHL|343719|title-id|disp=Episcopal Consistory Court of the following indexes: Bishop of Hereford - Calendar of wills, 1700-1802}}&nbsp; *{{FHL|293346|title-id|disp=Index to wills and inventories 1517-1663}}
*[*%2C0%2C0&titleno=566629&disp=Probate+indexes+The original and+abstracts%2C+1662-++ Probate microfilmed records listed below also include indexes and abstracts, 1662-1858] *[*%2C0%2C0&titleno=343719&disp=Episcopal+Consistory+Court+of+the+Bishop++ Episcopal Consistory Court of the Bishop of Hereford - Calendar of wills, 1700-1802] *[*,0,0 Indexes to Original Wills &amp; Administrations] *[*%2C0%2C0&titleno=293346&disp=Original+wills%2C+administrations+and+in++ Index to wills and inventories 1517-1663] *[*%2C0%2C0&titleno=211004&disp=Index+to+wills+proved+in+the+Bishop%27s+++ Index to wills proved in the Bishop's Court of Hereford 1442-1579]; also in [*,0,0 FHL&nbsp;book] *[*%2C0%2C0&titleno=1470489&disp=Index+to+wills+proved+in+the+Bishop%27s+++ Index to wills proved in the Bishop's Court of Hereford Before the Commonwealth&nbsp;Period&nbsp;1601-1656]; also in [*,0,0 FHL&nbsp;book]<br>
== The Records ==Indexes available on film may be viewed at the [[Family History Library|Family History Library]] or may be ordered for viewing through a [[Introduction to Family History Centers|family history center]].
==== Probate If you find an index reference to the probate records of your ancestor, proceed to the 'Records of This Court Held in This Archive ====' section below and follow the instructions.
The original records are deposited at the == Records ==
Herefordshire Archive Service To obtain a copy of the probate record of your ancestor, either visit or contact the archive which holds the original records or visit the[[Family History Library|Family History Library ]]or a [[Introduction to Family History Centers|family history center]] and view the record on microfilm, as indicated below.
Herefordshire Record Office ==== Archive Location ====
Harold Street The original records are deposited at:
Herefordshire Archive Service <br>Herefordshire Record Office <br>Harold Street <br>Hereford HR1 2QX  <br>Office Tel No: 44 (0) 1432 260750  <br>Email:  <br>[ Herefordshire Archives] Website&nbsp;
==== Archive Records ====
==== Family History Library Records ====
Records of this court have been microfilmed and are available at the Family History Library in Salt Lake&nbsp;City and through the many family history centers world-wide.&nbsp;Click on a link below to find a film number:&nbsp;  *{{FHL|293346|title-id|disp=Original Wills 1442-1836}} *{{FHL|293346|title-id|disp=Registered Wills 1633-1858}} *{{FHL|293346|title-id|disp=Administrations &amp; Inventories 1662-1735/6}} *{{FHL|301687|title-id|disp=Act Books 1587-1858}} *{{FHL|301753|title-id|disp=Acts of Office 1407-1831}}&nbsp;consist of all acts by the archdeacon. They include:are not all probate records.&nbsp; *{{FHL|566629|title-id|disp=Probate Indexes &amp;&nbsp; Abstracts 1662-1858}}
*[*%2C0%2C0&titleno=293346&disp=Original+wills%2C+administrations+and+Use the reference found in++ Original Wills 1442-1836] *[*%2C0%2C0&titleno=293346&disp=Original+wills%2C+administrations+and+in++ Registered Wills 1633-1858] *[*%2C0%2C0&titleno=293346&disp=Original+wills%2C+administrations+the index, such as the probate date and+in++ Administrations &amp; Inventories 1662-1735/6] *[*%2C0%2C0&titleno=301687&disp=Probate+act+books%2C+1587-1638++ Act Books 1587-1858] *[*%2C0%2C0&titleno=301753&disp=Acts+of+office%2C+1407-1831++ Acts of Office 1407-1831]a page or folio number,&nbsp;consist of all acts by to find the archdeacon. They are not all probate records.&nbsp; *[http://wwwrecord on*%2C0%2C0&titleno=566629&disp=Probate+indexes+and+abstracts%2C+1662-++ Probate Indexes &amp;&nbsp;Abstracts 1662-1858]
== Jurisdiction ==
This court had jurisdiction over&nbsp;all of Herefordshire ''expectexcept'' the following:
*Eight southwest parishes in the area of Longtown that were in the [[Court of the Archdeaconry of Breconshire]]
*The city of Hereford and twenty-five parishes in the jurisdiction of the [[Court of the Bishop (Consistory) of the Dean of Hereford]]
*And the peculiar prebends of Little Hereford, Upper Bullinghope or Upper Bullingham, and Moreton Magna or Moreton-upon-Lugg.
Before 1541, when the Diocese of Gloucester was formed, the western portion of Gloucestershire beyond the rivers Severn and Leaden was in the [[Court of the Bishop of Hereford (Episcopal Consistory)]] and there are consequently a few Gloucestershire wills in this court prior to 1541.
This court also had jurisdiction over&nbsp;these parishes in Worcestershire:
[[Category:HerefordshireProbate Records]] [[Category:GloucestershireProbate Records]]

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