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Useful Wiki pages for Utah Search Strategies include:
*[[Utah Record Selection TableFinder]] suggests sources to search based on what you want to learn.
*[[How to Find Birth Information in Utah]] is especially helpful when birth records don't exist and to verify and compare information found in various sources.
The [[Family History Library|FamilySearch Library]] has many of the records listed in these Wiki pages. The library's major holdings of Utah records include census, church, cemetery, military, and vital records.
Some of the sources described in the Utah Wiki pages list the FamilySearch Library’s book, microfilm, microfiche, and compact disc numbers. These are preceded by ''FHL'', the abbreviation for [[Family History Library|FamilySearch Library]]. These numbers may be used to locate materials in the FamilySearch Library and to order microfilm and microfiche at [[Introduction to LDS Family History Centers|FamilySearch Centers]].
The computer Internet is growing in importance to genealogists. Sources found on the Internet are cited in these Wiki pages with blue links to each.
=== FamilySearch™ ===
'''''FamilySearch at FamilySearch Centers'''''. FamilySearch is a collection of computer files containing millions of names. FamilySearch is a good place to begin your family history research. Some of the records come from compiled sources, and some have been extracted from original sources. The [[Family History Library|FamilySearch Library]] and many [[Introduction to LDS Family History Centers|FamilySearch Centers]] have computers with FamilySearch.
FamilySearch Library and FamilySearch Center computers with FamilySearch have access to the Internet, computer on-line services, networks, or bulletin boards. Those services are also available at many public libraries, college libraries, and private locations.
'''''FamilySearch™ Internet Genealogy Service'''''. The Internet site at allows you to preserve your genealogy, order FamilySearch Library publications, learn research strategies, and look for information about your ancestors in the following resources:
*[[Ancestral File|''Ancestral File'']], a file of over 35 million names organized into families and pedigrees.
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