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Large companies sometimes preserved records about their employees. These records usually contain hiring and termination details and may include biographical data about the employees and possibly their families. If a company where your ancestor worked is still in business, it may allow limited access to its historical employee records.
==== Medical Workers ====
The [httpshttp://www.newberrycyberdriveillinois.orgcom/records-and-histories-professions-chicago-and-illinois The Newberry, Chicago's Independent Research Librarydepartments/archives/archives.html Illinois State Archives] and [[Illinois Regional Archives Depository (IRAD)|IRAD depositories]] have registers of those serving in medical professions, including physicians, midwives, veterinarians, dentists, optometrists, nurses, and surgeons. Search their holdings by county.
==== State Employees ====
==== Other Occupations ====
The [https Illinois State Archives] and [http IRAD depositories] have the Chicago Civil Service Commission records of policemen, firemen, and tradesmen. Search under Cook County.
Occupations are often listed in city [[Illinois Directories|directories]], which also provide information about particular businesses. Separate business [[Illinois Directories|directories]] are also available.
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It is usually best to start searches for occupations at the city or county level. Links to county pages appear below. Additional resources for Illinois occupations may be found in the [ Illinois-Occupations] or [ Illinois-Officials and employees] topic pages of the FamilySearch Catalog . Copies of records on FHL microfilm and microfiche can be ordered for viewing at [ FamilySearch Centers]. Explore how to search the [[Introduction to the FamilySearch Catalog|FamilySearch Catalog]].
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