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== Collection Time Period ==
=== Why This Collection Was Created ===
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sponsored the indexing of this collection to help individuals find information about their ancestors.<br>&nbsp;
=== Collection Reliability ===
The key genealogical facts found in death or burial index entries may include:<br>• Name of the deceased<br>• Gender<br>• Names of the parents<br>• Name of the spouse (if married)<br>• Death or burial date<br>• Death or burial place<br>• Family History Library Microfilm and item numbers for the source materials
== <br>How to Use the Collection&nbsp; ==
Use this index to help you learn more about your ancestors. The information could help you identify family relationships and lineages as well as direct you to original records of your ancestors, which may contain additional information.
In birth or christening records, if a surname is not listed for the child, the indexer often assigns the father’s surname to the child. This surname may not be correct. So if you are looking for a birth or christening, search by the given name of the child, adding parents' names and as much locality information as is permitted.  &nbsp;
== Related Websites ==
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== Related Wiki Articles&nbsp; ==
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[[Denmark Church Records|Den<span id="fck_dom_range_temp_1256084932944_785" /><span id="fck_dom_range_temp_1256084932944_917" />mark Church Records]]&nbsp; Sources of Information for This Collection ==
Each entry in this index has a source listed. The index may be a compilation of records from a variety of sources, including the following:<br>• Family Records<br>• Church Records<br>• Civil Registration<br>&nbsp;
== Sources of Information for This Collection == ====
==== How to Cite Your Sources ====
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