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The over 365 fully-searchable, lineage-linked databases called town genealogies are easy to use and follow a standard format. New material is added each month.<br>• Access the home page on Choose the locality, either from the alphabetical list found under “Funktionen” on the left, or from the main page. Localities are listed from north to south, with separate sections for German communities in other countries, such as Hungary<br>• The main page includes geographical and historical information, a list of sources used, and a tool bar with three different search options:<br>1. Gesamtliste der Familiennamen – List of all surnames<br>2. Geburtsorte auswärtiger Personen- birthplaces of persons from other localities<br>3. Sterbeorte weggezogener Personen – death places of those who moved away<br>• Click on a surname. A list of persons with birthdates [if known] comes up.<br>• Click on a person of interest. This brings up the individual or family page.<br>• Some entries may show cross-references to other online OFBs with a red notation “Es gibt (eine) ähnliche Person(en) im OFB [town name]”<br>• “Keine Angaben!” means “no information given”<br>• A family page may include spouses, parents, children, other spouses, and additional information. <br>• Some “books” are databases designed to gather all extant genealogical data for a given locality [town/county/geographical area], especially in cases where the church records or civil registration records are missing. Example: OFB Memelland and “Familiendatenbank Kreise Arnswalde and Friedeberg (Neumark)”<br>
For more information about Ortsfamilienbücher online see the article "[[Germany Town Genealogies and Parish Register Inventories on the Internet|Germany Town Genealogies and Parish Register Inventories on the Internet]]."&nbsp;
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