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• The Genealogisches Ortsverzeichnis (GOV) on the website of the [ German Society for Computer Genealogy (CompGen)].&nbsp;<br>• For the areas east of the Oder-Neisse rivers see [ Kartenmeister]<br>• For phonetic searches in the area covered by today’s Germany, use the “[ fuzzy gazetteer]” . Uncheck the "all countries" box to linit the search to a specific country.<br>• The [ JewishGen gazetteer ]has several search options, including “contains”. Be sure to change the country and choose a search option.<br>•The [ Deutsch-Fremdsprachiges Ortsnamenverzeichnis] - place name changes for formerly German localities as of June 1919.<br>• For latinized place names use the Orbis Latinus. Several volumes/editions are available on multiple websites. Examples include a copy of [ volume one], published 1909 (with an English interface) and the [ four-volume combined set] published in 1972 (in German).<br>
The "[[|Fuzzy Gazetteer]]" is a good tool for decoding misspelled place names. Results provide phonetically close current locality names. Use this if the place is likely located within the borders of modern Germany.&nbsp;
=== Regional Gazetteers ===
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