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Quest 4 Family - RootsMagic User Group

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== '''''Popular RootsMagic Features''''' =={{Outdated}}
[ 01.  Backup and Restore in RootsMagic (video)]
[https://wwwAll broken links 02.&nbsp; Charting Companion - How to Use (video)]  [ 03.&nbsp; Color Coding People in RootsMagic (video)]  [ 04.&nbsp; Database Tools - How to Use (video)]  [ 05.&nbsp; Drag and Drop - How (video)]  [ 06.&nbsp; Fixing Broken Media Links in RootsMagic (video)]  [ 07.&nbsp; Fun Family Gifts with RootsMagic, Personal Historian and Family Atlas (video)]  [ 08.&nbsp; Gazetteer - How to Use (video)]  [ 09.&nbsp; GenSmarts - Research Guidance (video)]  [ 10.&nbsp; GenSmarts - Using with RM for Research Help (video)]  [ 11.&nbsp; Getting Started with RootsMagic and FamilySearch Family Tree (video)]  [ 12.&nbsp; Images - Where and How to Place Them - rray]  [ 13.&nbsp; Introduction to Shared Events in RootsMagic (video)]  [ 14.&nbsp; Mapping Your Family Tree with Family Atlas (video)]  [ 15.&nbsp; Matching Records with RootsMagic and FamilySearch Family Tree (video)]  [ 16.&nbsp; Named Groups (video)]  [ 17.&nbsp; Overview of RootsMagic - rray]  [ 18.&nbsp; Problem Alerts - Finding Errors in Your Data]  [ 19.&nbsp; Problem Alerts - Finding&nbsp; Erros in Your Data (video)]  [ 20.&nbsp; Publisher - Using to Create a Book (video)]  [ 21.&nbsp; Relationships - How to Set]  [ 22.&nbsp; Reports - rray]  [ 23.&nbsp; RootsMagic 7 - What is New (video)]  [ 24.&nbsp; Searching for Duplicsates RoootsMagic Databases (video)]  [ 25.&nbsp; Shareable CD - How to Create (video)]  [ 26.&nbsp; Sharing Data with RootsMagic and FamilySearch Family Tree (video)]  [ 27.&nbsp; Sharing Notes Between RootsMagic and FamilySearch Family Tree (video)]  [ 28.&nbsp; Sharing Sources Between RootsMagic and FamilySearch Family Tree (video)]  [ 29.&nbsp; Sources - rray]  [ 30.&nbsp; Toolbar - How to Customize (video)]  [ 31.&nbsp; Updating RootsMagic (video)]  [ 32.&nbsp; Using RootsMagic and FamilySearch Family Tree to Prepare a Name for the Temple (video)]  == '''''RootsMagic - Basics''''' == ''[ 01.&nbsp; Important Instruction - Please Read]''  [ 02.&nbsp; LDS Members - Create Free Accounts With FamilySearch Partners]  [ 03.&nbsp; RootsMagic - The 3 Basic Keys]  [ 04.&nbsp; RootsMagic Overview - rray]  [ 05.&nbsp; Why Use RootsMagic When FamilySearch Tree is Available]  == '''''RootsMagic for PAF Users''''' == [ 01.&nbsp; Customizing RootsMagic to Feel More Like PAF (video)]  [ 02.&nbsp; Editing Your RootsMagic Data for PAF Users (video)]  [ 03.&nbsp; Merging Mulltiple PAF Files in RootsMagic (video)]  [ 04.&nbsp; RootsMagic Main Screen for PAF Users (video)`]  == '''''RootsMagic Webinar Training Index 1 (1 to 9)''''' == [ 1.&nbsp; Getting Started with RootsMagic (video)]  [ 2.&nbsp; Publishing a Family History with RootsMagic (video)]  [ 3.&nbsp; FamilySearch Made Easy with RootsMagic (video)]  [ 4.&nbsp; RootsMagic To Go Running RootsMagic On a Flash Drive (video)]  [ 5.&nbsp; Sources Citation and Documents with RootsMagic (video)]  [ 6.&nbsp; Working with Files and Folders in RootsMagic (video)]  [ 7.&nbsp; Cleaning Your Family Tree in RootsMagic (video)]  [ 8.&nbsp; Personal Historian Bringing Life to Your Life Stories (video)]  [ 9.&nbsp; Creating Custom Reports with RootsMagic (video)]  [ RootsMagic Index 1 - Covers Webinar 1-9] == '''''RootsMagic Webinar Training Index 2 (10 to 19)''''' == [ 10.&nbsp; Mapping Your Family Tree with Family Atlas (video)]  [ 11.&nbsp; Adding and Editing Information in RootsMagic (video)] [ 12.&nbsp; Lists and Reports in RootsMagic (video)] [ 13.&nbsp; Writing Your Personal History and Living to Tell About It (video)] [ 14.&nbsp; Places and Mapping in RootsMagic (video)] [ 15.&nbsp; Ask the Roots Magician (video)] [ 16.&nbsp; Google Search Tips and Tricks (video)] [ 17.&nbsp; Creating and Printing Wall Charts with RootsMagic (video)] [ 18.&nbsp; Creating a Website with RootsMagic (video)] [ 19.&nbsp; Google Earth for Genealogy (video)] [ RootsMagic Index 2 - Covers Webinars 10-19] == '''''RootsMagic Webinar Training Index 3 (20 to 29)''''' == [ 20.&nbsp; Search Techniques in RootsMagic (video)] [ 21.&nbsp; Pictures and Media in RootsMagic (video)] [ 22.&nbsp; Research Tools in RootsMagic (video)] [ 23.&nbsp; Getting Help Using RootsMagic (video)] [ 24.&nbsp; Running RootsMagic on a Mac (video)] [ 25.&nbsp; Whats New in RootsMagic 5 (video)] [ 26.&nbsp; Create a Sharaeable CD with RootsMagic (video)] [ 27.&nbsp; Whats New in RootsMagic 5 (video)] [ 28.&nbsp; Fun Family Gifts (video)] [ 29.&nbsp; Installing and Upgrading RoootsMagic 5 (video)] [ RootsMagic Index 3 - Covers Webinars 20 - 29] == '''''RootsMagic Webinar Training Index 4 (30 to 39)''''' == [ 30.&nbsp; New Media Tagging in RootsMatic 5 (video)] [ 31.&nbsp; New Source and Citation Features in RootsMagic 5 (video)] [ 32.&nbsp; New Research Logs and Manager in RootsMagic 5 (video)] [ 33.&nbsp; New Who Was There Report in RootsMagic 5 (video)] [ 34.&nbsp; New Timeline View in RootsMagic 5 (video)] [ 35.&nbsp; Installing and Updating Personal Historian 2 (video)] [ 36.&nbsp; New County Check in RootsMagtic 5 (video)] [ 37.&nbsp; New Reports in RootsMagic 5 (video)] [ 38.&nbsp;&nbsp; Creating a 1940 US Census Citation in RootsMagic (video)] [ 39.&nbsp; How to Find Your Family History in Newspapers (video)] [ RootsMagic Index 4 - Covers Webinars 30-39] == '''''RootsMagic Webinar Training Index 5 (40 to 50)''''' == [ 40.&nbsp; Fixing Incorrect Family Links in RootsMagic (video)] [ 41.&nbsp; Whats New in RootsMagic 6 (video)] [ 42.&nbsp; RootsMagic for iPhone iPad and iPod Touch (video)] [ 43.&nbsp; New Online Publishing in RootsMagic 6 (video)] [ 44.&nbsp; New Web Tags in RootsMagic 6 (video)] [ 45.&nbsp; New Find Everywhere in RootsMagic 6 (audio)] [ 46.&nbsp; New Timeline View in RootsMagic 6 (video)] [ 47.&nbsp; Splitting and Combining Files in RootsMagic (video)] [ 48.&nbsp; Sentence and Source Templates in RootsMagic (video)] [ 49.&nbsp; Working with Dats in RootsMagic (video)] [ 50.&nbsp; Using FamilySearch Family Tree with RootsMagic (video)] [ RootsMagic Index 5 - Covers Webinars 40-50] == '''''Setup Instructions - RootsMagic and Dropbox''''' == [ 01.&nbsp; Dropbox - How to Use] [ 02.&nbsp; Dropbox - Setup and How to Create Your Folders] [ 03.&nbsp; Dropbox - What It Is (Video and Documents)] [ 04.&nbsp; Importing Data from FamilySearch Family Tree&nbsp;(video)] [ 05.&nbsp; Importing Your Ancestr Family Tree into RootsMagic (video)] [ 06.&nbsp; Importing Your PAF Data into RootsMagic (video)] [ 07.&nbsp; Moving PAF Data into&nbsp; RootsMagic (video)] [ 08.&nbsp; RootsMagic - How to Copy a Database to Another Computer (video)] [ 09.&nbsp; RootsMagic - How to Download and Install (video)] [ 10.&nbsp; RootsMagic - How to Install on Your Mac with MacBridge (video)] [ 11.&nbsp; RootsMagic - How to Install Using the CD (video)] [ 12.&nbsp; RootsMagic - How to Place a Marriage Record Number (Reference Number)] [ 13.&nbsp; RootsMagic - How to Run On Your Mac Without&nbsp; Windows] [ 14.&nbsp; RootsMagic - How to Update (video)] [ 15.&nbsp; RootsMagic - Running from a USBDrive Using RootsMagic To&nbsp; Go (video)] [ 16.&nbsp; RootsMagic Setup&nbsp; with Images] == '''''Temple''''' == [ 01.&nbsp; Church Policy - Temple Ordinance Policy] [ 02.&nbsp; Working with Temple Information in RootsMagic 6] == '''''Tips''''' == [ 01.&nbsp; Class Notes Page 1]<br>  [ 02.&nbsp; Class Notes Page 2] [ 03.&nbsp; Hemet FHC&nbsp; Facebook Page and How to Setup a Facebook Account] [[Category:United_States_Societies]]
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