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'''Avery's Trace''', also called the Nashville Road, North Carolina Military Trace, North Carolina Road, or Cumberland Trace, was authorized in 1787 and opened in 1788 to connect Knoxville to Nashville, Tennessee by a 300 mile (480 km) trail.<ref name="DollarM">William Dollarhide, ''[ Map Guide to American Migration Routes 1735-1815]'' (Bountiful, Utah: Heritage Quest, 1997) [{{FHL|973 E3d}}], 22.</ref><ref name="WikiAvery">Wikipedia contributors, "Avery’s Trace," in ''Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia'' at (accessed 27 July 2010).</ref><ref>"Avery Trace" in ''Cumberland Pioneer Settlers 1779-1804'' at (accessed 5 August 2010). Detailed explanation of why Avery's Trace is '''''not''''' what the road from Knoxville to Nashville was likely called.</ref> [[Image:{{AverysTMapCap}}]]
=== Historical Background ===
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