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== Record Description ==
The collection consists of digital images of death records created by the state of Louisiana for 1960. Images of the index are included.
{{Collection_Browse_Link|CID=CID1419633|title= Citation for This Collection =Louisiana Deaths, 1960|scheduled=}}
The following citation refers to the original source of the data and images published on Historical Records. It may include the author, custodian, publisher, and archive for the original records.  {{Collection citation| text=<!--bibdescbegin-->"Louisiana Deaths, 1960," ''FamilySearch'' ( Louisiana State Board of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics. Louisiana State Archives, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. FHL digital images. Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah. <!--bibdescend--> }}  [[Louisiana Statewide Deaths (FamilySearch Historical Records)#Citation_Example_for_a_Record_Found_in_This_Collection|Suggested citation format for a record in this collection.]]  === Record Content ===
*The approximate death date
==== Search the Collection ====
Fill in To search the requested information in collection you will need to follow this series of links:<br> ⇒Select "Browse through images" on the initial search collection page. Look at <br>⇒Select the list of entries created by your search. Compare "Record" category<br>⇒Select the information about the ancestors in the list to what “Record Type, Volume, and Year Range" category which takes you already know about your ancestors to determine if this is the correct family or person. You may need to compare the information about more than one person to find your ancestor. images<br>
=Search the collection by image comparing the information with what you already know about your ancestors to determine if the image relates to them. You may need to look at several images and compare the information about the individuals listed in those images to your ancestors to make this determination.  === Using the Information ====
When you have located your ancestor’s death record, carefully evaluate each piece of information given. These pieces of information may give you new biographical details that can lead you to other records about your ancestors. Add this new information to your records of each family.
*Use the parents' birth places to find former residences and to establish a migration pattern for the family.
==== Tips to Keep in Mind ====
*You may need to compare the information of more than one family or person to make this determination.
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== Citation Example Citations for a Record Found in This Collection ==When you copy information from a record, you should list where you found the information; that is, cite your sources. This will help people find the record again and evaluate the reliability of the source. It is also good to keep track of records where you did not find information, including the names of the people you looked for in the records. Citations are available for the collection as a whole and each record or image individually. '''Collection Citation''':<br>{{Collection citation| text="Louisiana Deaths, 1850-1875; 1894-19541960." index and images, [Images. ''FamilySearch''. ''FamilySearch''] ( 11 March 2011): accessed 2014. entry for Eddie Norman Evans, died 18 January 1918; citing Death Records, FHL microfilm 2,364,547; Louisiana State Archives, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. }}<br><br>
'''Image Citation''':<br> {{Image Citation Link|CID=CID1419633|title=Louisiana Deaths, 1960|scheduled=}}
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