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To get started on [[American Indian Indigenous Peoples of the United States Genealogy|American Indian Indigenous Peoples of the United States Research]]<br> To get started in [[Indians of Canada|First Nations Research]]
{{Indians of North America-stub}}  <br> '''Ancestral Homeland:''' [[Indians of Maine|Maine]], [[Indians Indigenous Peoples of Vermont|Vermont]], [[Indians Indigenous Peoples of New Hampshire|New Hampshire]], and part of [[Indians of Massachusetts|Massachusetts]]. In [[First Nations of Canada|Canada]]: [[First Nations of Nova Scotia|Nova Scotia]], [[First Nations of New Brunswick|New Brunswick]], and part of [[First Nations of Quebec|Quebec]]
=== History ===
'''1689-1697:''' King William's War
'''1862:''' The Wabanaki Confederacy disbanded.
=== Records ===
[ Census Records Canada]-Online:
=== ===
=== Important Web Sites Websites ===
[ Wabanaki or Abenaki Genealogy ]
=== References ===
=== Bibliography ===
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