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[[Yorkshire Probate Courts]]
To read a general explanation of probates in England, click [[England Probate Records|here]]. Click to read definitions of the words [[P genealogical glossary terms|peculiar]] and [[P genealogical glossary terms|prebend]].
== Jurisdiction ==
== Records ==
The records for this court are held in the [ Borthwick Institute of Historical Research].  The Family History Library has a copy of the original records, 1681-1837, on [*%2C0%2C0&titleno=348776&disp=Wills+and+administrations+of+York+Peculi++ film number 99444]. Films can be view in the library or in a [ family history center].  == Indexes == Indexes for 54 peculiar courts, 1383-1883, are available online on [ BritishOrigins]. This is a subscription site.
Indexes for 54 peculiar courts, 1383The Family History Library has a filmed calendar on pages 79-1883, are available online 80 on [http://www.britishoriginsfamilysearch.comorg/eng/library/helpfhlcatalog/popup-aboutbo-ypecsupermainframeset.htm British Originsasp?display=titlefilmnotes&columns=*%2C0%2C0&titleno=348776&disp=Wills+and+administrations+of+York+Peculi++ film number 98916]. This is a subscription siteitem 3.
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