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== '''''Class Time and Place:''''' =={{Outdated}}
*First Thursday of each Month - September 2014 through May 2015
*5:30 PM to 7:00 PM
*Hemet FHC, Computer Lab Room, 425 North Kirby Ave., Hemet, CA 92545
*Instructor:  Mick Altmyer
*Bring your laptop computer<br>
*Bring a headset
== '''''Tips - RootsMagic''''' == [https://wwwAll broken links Tip 1 - Why use RootsMagic When FamilySearch Family Tree is Available (Document)]  [ Tip 2 - Getting Started with RootsMagic (Video must be downloaded)]  [ Tip 2a - Getting Started with RootsMagic Index (Document that goes with Video)]  == '''''Class Notes''''' == [ 4 Sept 2014 - Class 1 - RM User Group (Document)]  <br>  == '''''RootsMagic Basics''''' == [ RM Basic Keys (Document)]  [ RM Reports (Document)]  [ RM Sources (Document)]  [ RM Overview (Document)]  [ Using the Database Tools In RootsMagic (Video)]  == '''''FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)''''' == [ Do I Still Need a Genealogy Desktop Program, (E.g. RootsMagic), or is FamilySearch Family Tree Enough? (Document)]  [ What Are The Features of RootsMagic Essentials (a free program) and RootsMagic?]  [ Will RootsMagic run on a MAC OSX Computer?]  [ Which Helper Program Is Suggested for Running RootsMagic on a MAC?&nbsp; ( Answer: CrossOver Mac)]  [ If I Have Been Using PAF - Can I&nbsp;Purchase RootsMagic At A&nbsp; Discount?&nbsp;(Answer: Yes)]  [,d.cGU What Is Dropbox? (Tutorial)]  [ How Do I Install Dropbox? (Document)]  == '''''Dropbox and RootsMagic Setup Instructions''''' == [ Dropbox Setup - Creating Your Folders (Document)]  [ ''RootsMagic Setup With Images (Document)'']  [ ''How To Place a Marriage Record Number - Reference Number in RootsMagic (Document'']  == '''''Importing Data Into RootsMagic''''' == [ Importing an Ancestry Family Tree into RootsMagic (Video)]  [ Moving Your PAF Data Into RootsMagic (Video)]  [ Importing Data from From FamilySearch Family Tree into RootsMagic (Video)]  == '''''Installing, Updating, and Running RootsMagic''''' == [ Copying a RootsMagic Database to Another Computer (Video)]  [ Downloading and Installing RootsMagic (Video)]  [ Installing RootsMagic from the CD (Video)]  [ Runnning RootsMagic from a USB Drive with RootsMagic-To-Go (Video)]  [ Updating RootsMagic (Video)]  == '''''Popular RootsMagic Features''''' == [ Backup and Restore in RootsMagic (Video)]  [ Color Coding People&nbsp; in RootsMagic (Video)]  [ Creating a Shareable CD with RootsMagic (Video)]  [ Customizing Your Toolbar in RootsMagic (Video)]  [ Using Drag and Drop in RootsMagic (Video)]  [ Using Named Groups in RootsMagic (Video)]  [ Using RootsMagic's Problem Alerts to Find Data Entry Issues (Video)]  [ Using the Database Tools in RootsMagic (Video)]  [ Using the RootsMagic Gazetteer (Video)]  [ RM Basic Key (Document)]  [ RM Reports (Document)]  [ RM Sources (Document)]  [ RM Overview&nbsp;(Document)]  [[Category:Family_History]]
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