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*[[Ancestral File|''Ancestral File'']], a file of over 35 million names organized into families and pedigrees.
*[[International Genealogical Index|''International Genealogical Index'']], an index of over 600 million names extracted out of vital records primarily from the British Isles, North America, and northern Europe.
*[[Introduction to the Family History Library FamilySearch Catalog|''FamilySearch Library Catalog'']], a description and classification of over 2 million microfilm reels, and hundreds of thousands of genealogical books. You can search the catalog by family name, locality, author, or book or film number.
*[[FamilySearch Research Wiki]], how-to advice for you by the genealogical community.
*[[FamilySearch Historical Record Collections]], a huge number of original source records online.
=== FamilySearch Library Catalog ===
The library’s records are listed in the [[Introduction to the Family History Library FamilySearch Catalog|FamilySearch Library Catalog]] available at the library and at each FamilySearch Center, and on the Internet at: To find a record in the FamilySearch Library Catalog, look in the ''Place Search'' for:
:*The ''place'' where your ancestor lived:
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