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=== Germany<br> ===
==== History ====
After the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685 almost 50,000 French Protestants fled from France to various German States. About 20,000 of them settled in Brandenburg, where Duke Frederick William had granted them special privileges. Hessen, Hessen-Nassau, Franconia, the Palatinate, Braunschweig, and Baden were other preferred areas of settlement. During the early years local residents0 took them into their homes until primitive housing was built.<br>  The Huguenots are generally well-documented and it is often possible to trace them to their French home town. Local church records and histories are very helpful in that regard. The [ Huguenot Museum] in Bad Karlshafen, Germany has some fascinating exhibits. Several picture galleries can be viewed online, including Huguenot trades [Hugenottisches Handwerk].<br>
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