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[[England]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] [[Durham]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] [[Durham Parishes]]
<br> [[Image:St Mary the Less, the chapel of St John's College Durham.jpg|thumb|right|St Mary the Less, the chapel of St John's College Durham.jpg]]
== Parish History ==
'''Additional information:'''
Durham St Mary le Bow was an ancient '''parish '''and the present church built in 1685 replaced the older church which had fallen into disrepair. The church united two Ancient'''parishes''' of St Mary le Bow and St Mary the Less into one '''parish.'''
[[Image:Durham Heritage Centre Former St Mary-le-Bow.jpg|thumb|center]] {{Infobox England Jurisdictions|image = | caption = | Type = [[Ecclesiastical Parish ]]| County = Durham| Hundred = Durham City| Poor Law Union = Durham| Registration District = Durham| PRbegin = 1571; Separate registers exist for Durham St Mary the Less beginning 1558| BTbegin = 1762; Separate records exist for Durham Heritage Centre Former St Mary-le-Bow.jpgthe Less beginning 1787| Province = York| Diocese = Durham| Archdeaconry = | Archdeaconries = | Rural Deanery = Easington| Parish = | Peculiar = | Chapelry = | Probate Court = Court of the Bishop of Durham (Episcopal Consistory)| Archdeaconry Court = | Bishops Court = | Prerogative Court = | Archive = [[Durham Record Office]] }}=== Resources ===
==== Civil Registration ====
Durham Cathedral's registers of christenings, marriages and burials, along with those of its ecclesiastical parishes of [[Durham St Giles, Durham|Durham St Giles]], [[Durham St Mary-the-Less|Durham St Mary-the-Less]] and other to which it is attached, have been mostly transcribed and are displayed online at the following web sites and ranges of years:
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| bgcolor="#ffffff" align="left" colspan="6" | '''FMP''' = [ (£)]
{| width="625" cellspacingborder="1" cellpaddingalign="1center" bordercellspacing="1" aligncellpadding="center1"
| bgcolor="#ffffcc" align="center" colspan="4" | &nbsp; '''ST MARY le BOW PARISH DURHAM&nbsp;(1572) Indexes'''
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