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GATESHEAD (St. Mary), a '''borough''' and '''parish''', and the head of a union, locally in Chester ward, N. division of the county of Durham, 14 miles (N. by W.) from Durham; There are places of worship for '''Wesleyans, Primitive Methodists, Methodists of the New Connexion, Independents, and Presbyterians'''.<ref>Lewis, Samuel A., [ ''A Topographical Dictionary of England''], (1848), pp. 283-287. Adapted. Date accessed: 11 December 2013. </ref>
'''Additional information:'''
Gateshead St Mary the mother-parish for Gateshead is an ancient parish and the church is reputed to date in part from the twelfth century. It suffered damage from a major explosion in Gateshead in 1854 and required substantial rebuilding.<br>
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