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''1925: D. H. Oliver becomes Utah's first black attorney.''
"1942: Ralph Price breached the color barrier to become the first twentieth century black to purchase a home and settle in Davis County; Layton with his wife Ruby J. Price
''1945: World War II brings many blacks to Hill Air Force Base in Ogden (Weber county) and Dougway Proving Ground in Tooele County''
1950: Ruby J. Price becomes the first black schoolteacher in Utah- at the Inter mountain Intermountain Indian School, Brigham City. She became the first black educator hired in Davis County in 1960. Ruby was named Mother of the Year in 18771977.
1863: The Legislature rescinds anti-miscegenation law of 1898
1976 Rev. Robert Harris is elected Utah's first black state legislator
1977 Ruby J. Price of Layton Utah was selected Utah Mother of the Year, she was the first black woman to be selected as Utah mother of the Year
1984 Tyron Medley, Utah's first black judge 3rd Circuit Court appointed by Gov. Scott Matheson


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