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Guide to '''Athelington, Suffolk family history and genealogy:''' parish registers, transcripts, census records, birth records, marriage records, and death records.
== Parish History ==
| bgcolor="#ffffcc" | '''1813'''
| bgcolor="#ffcccc" | | bgcolor="#ffcccc" | | bgcolor="#ccffcc" | [ '''1813-1836''']
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| bgcolor="#ffffcc" | '''BOYD'''
The Parish Registers begin in 1694.&nbsp; They can be view at the Suffolk Record Office.&nbsp; A copy of the registers from 1694 to 1900 can be puchased from the&nbsp; Suffolk Record Office.&nbsp; For pre 1813 Bishop Transcript entries you will need to look in Hoxne Deanry, Archdeaconry of Suffolk. [ Parish Chest records are lacking for Athelington].&nbsp;&nbsp; See [[Suffolk Church Records|Suffolk Church Record]] for further details.<br>
==== Census records ====
== References ==
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