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Guide to '''Torver, Lancashire family history and genealogy:''' chapelry register transcripts, census records, birth records, marriage records, and death records.
[[Image:St Luke's Church, Torver.jpg|thumb|right|St Luke's Church, Torver.jpg]]
== Chapelry History ==
"TORVER, '''a chapelry, '''''<b>in the parish</b>'' and union '''''of Ulverston''''', hundred of Lonsdale north of the Sands, N. division of the county of Lancaster, 6 miles west by southwest&nbsp;from Hawkeshead.&nbsp;'''The chapel was erected before 1661'''.&nbsp;
The Baptists have a place of worship."<ref>''[[ A Topographical Dictionary of England]]'' by Samuel Lewis (1848), pp. 377-380. Adapted. Date accessed: 31 July 201019 November 2013.</ref>
== Resources ==


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