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East Acton, Middlesex Genealogy

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== Parish History ==
St Dunstan East Acton was a district church and in operation by the year 1880, lying within the civil parish boundaries of St Mary's Acton. See "Acton" in the ''Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales.<ref>1. John Marius Wilson, “Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales,” (Edinburgh: A, Fullerton &amp;amp;amp; Co., 1870). Online [| here].</ref>''
== Resources ==
==== Census records ====
{{British Census|438803}}
==== Probate records ====
== Maps and Gazetteers ==
Maps are a visual look at the locations in England. Gazetteers contain brief summaries about a place.<br>
*[ England Jurisdictions 1851]

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