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== Chapelry History ==
HINDLEY, a '''a chapelry, ''', in the parish'' '''and union '''''of Wigan''''', hundred of West Derby, S. division of the county of Lancaster, 3 miles east by southeast&nbsp;of&nbsp;Wigan.&nbsp;This is an ancient chapel, in operation by at least {{FHL|414292|title-id|disp=1644}} and&nbsp;is dedicated to '''All Saints'''.  There are places of worship for '''Independents''', '''Unitarians''', and '''Wesleyans'''; and a '''Roman Catholic ''' chapel.<ref>Lewis, Samuel A., ''[[A Topographical Dictionary of England]]'' by Samuel Lewis (1848), pp. 514-518. URL: Adapted. Date accessed: 01 July 2010.</ref>&nbsp;
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