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{{Inwi}}[[Image:Chippewa,_Chief_ObtossawayChief Obtossaway.jpg|frame|right|340x235px|Chippewa, Chief Obtossaway.jpg]]
=== Indian Tribes Associated With This Agency ===
[[Bad River Band of the Lake Superior Tribe of Chippewa Indians|Bad River Band of Chippewa ]] <br>
=== History ===
The Bad River Agency, located in Odanah, [[Indians of Wisconsin|Wisconsin]], existed from at least 1894 to 1926. [[Image:Chippewa, Chief Kenawash, 3.jpg|right|320x230px|Chippewa, Chief Kenawash, 3.jpg]] <br>  <br>
==== Agents and Appointment Date ====
=== Records ===
The '''majority of records of individuals were those created by the agencies'''. Some records may be available to tribal members through the tribal headquarters.They were (and are) the local office of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and were charged with maintaining records of the activities of those under their responsibility. Among these records are:<br>
*[[American Indian Allotment Records|Allotment records]]
*[[American Indian Annuity Rolls|Annuity rolls]]
*[[American Indian Census Rolls|Census records]]
*[[American Indian Correspondence and Reports|Correspondence]]
*[[American Indian Health Records|Health records]]
*[[American Indian Correspondence and Reports|Reports]]
*[[American Indian School Records|School census and records]]
*[[American Indian Vital Records Supplements in Census Rolls|Vital records]]
Some of the administrative and financial [ records] of the Bad River Agency are in the Great Lakes Regional Archives of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) in Chicago<ref>Guide to Holdings of Great Lakes Region of NARA in Chicago, Record Group 75 [ Available online]</ref>. Among these records are:
*School attendance cards, 1923-1926
Some financial accounts for as late as 1958 exist in the Great Lakes Regional Archives for this agency ''' National Archives at Chicago '''*[https://www. Bad River Agency Records, Odanah, Wisconsin.]
=== References ===
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