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===== Carol Brennan Moss  =====
[[Image:Carol Brennan Moss.jpg|thumb|right|250px|Carol Brennan Moss.jpg]]    
Biography Born: Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania
Graduated from Dunbarton<nowiki> College of Holy Cross, Washington, D.C., with a BA in Biology/Chemistry, 1970 [scientific process is a great help in doing genealogical research]</nowiki>. I began<nowiki> Family History research in 1975 after joining the LDS Church the year before. I have been doing it every since [37 years].</nowiki><nowiki>My areas of research focus are the Mid-Atlantic States [Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Washington, D.C.], Michigan, Oregon, and other U.S. states; British Isles, particularly Ireland.</nowiki>
*Professional researcher 2009--
*Employed as Reference Consultant at Family History Library, US/Canada in 2010
*Currently employed at FamilySearch, Research Wiki Community Patron Services, under direction of Darris Williams
Supervisor at FamilySearch Community Patron Services
Staff Consultant at Family History Library


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