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[[England]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] [[Cheshire]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] [[Cheshire Parishes]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] Stockport St Peter
== History ==
STOCKPORT, a town, a township, a '''parish''', two sub-districts, and a district, in Cheshire. The town stands on the river Mersey at the influx of the Tame, on the North-western railway at a convergence of five branch-lines, 5¾ miles SSE of Manchester; was anciently called Stockfort, Storefort, and Stokeport.&nbsp; '''St. Mary's''' church was mainly re-built in 1817; '''St. Thomas' '''church was built in 1825; '''St. Peter's''' church was built in 1768. An '''Independent''' chapel was built in 1866, a&nbsp; '''Roman Catholic''' chapel was built in 1862,&nbsp; There are chapels also for '''Baptists,''' '''Quakers''', '''Wesleyans''', '''Primitive Methodists''', and '''Unitarians'''. <br>
&nbsp;The borough limits include all S. township, and parts of Brinnington, Cheadle-Bulkeley, and Cheadle-Moseley townships in Cheshire, and part of Heaton-Norris township in Lancashire.The parish contains also the rest of the Cheshire portions of the borough, and the townships of Etchells, Bramhall, Norbury, Torkington, Werneth, Hyde, Bredbury, Romiley, Offerton, Marple, Dukinfield, and Disley-Stanley; and is '''ecclesiastically''' cut into the sections of S.-'''St. Mary''', S.-'''St. Thomas''', S.-'''St. Peter''', Bredbury, Disley, Dukinfield, Dukinfield-St. Mark, Dukinfield-'''St. Matthew,''' Castle-Hall, High-Lane, Hyde, Hyde-St. Thomas, Marple, Norbury, Portwood, Romiley, Werneth, and Moor. The places of worship, in 1851, the '''Church of England''',&nbsp; <u>'''Independents'''</u>,&nbsp; '''Baptists''',&nbsp; <u>'''Quakers'''</u>,&nbsp; <u>'''Unitarians'''</u>,&nbsp; <u>'''Wesleyans'''</u>, <u>'''New Connexion Methodists'''</u>,&nbsp; '''Primitive Methodists''', the Wesleyan Association, Southcottians,&nbsp; 1 undefined;&nbsp; <u>Roman Catholics</u>, Latter Day Saints.<ref>Wilson, John Marius, ''[ Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales]'' (1870-72) Adapted 8 April 2013</ref><br>
STOCKPORT ('''St. Mary'''), a newly-enfranchised borough, a market-town, and '''parish''', and the head of a union, in the hundred of Macclesfield, N. division of the county of Chester; comprising the '''chapelries''' of Distley, Dukinfield, Hyde, Marple, Norbury, and Romiley, and the townships of Bramhall, Bredbury, Brinnington, Etchells, Offerton, Stockport, Torkington, and Werneth.<br>
'''St. Peter's '''district church, a neat edifice of brick, was built in 1768, at the expense of William Wright, Esq., of Mottram St. Andrew. The church dedicated to '''St. Thomas''' was erected in 1825, by the Parliamentary Commissioners.&nbsp; A church district, called '''St. Matthew,''' was formed in 1844, and endowed by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners. Other incumbencies are noticed under the heads of Bredbury, Distley, Dukinfield, Hyde, Marple, Norbury, Portwood, Romiley, and Werneth. In the town are places of worship for '''Independents''', '''Wesleyans''', the '''New Connexion''' of '''Methodists''', the '''Society of Friends''', '''Primitive''' and '''Warrenite Methodists''', '''Unitarians''', and '''Roman Catholics'''.<ref>Lewis, Samuel A., ''[ A Topographical Dictionary of England]'' (1848) Adapted 8 April 2013</ref><br>
Stockport St Peter,&nbsp;St. Peter's Square. Founded 1765 as a chapel to&nbsp; [[Stockport St Mary]] in 1765.&nbsp;It became&nbsp;a parish church in 1838.
== Church Records ==
Stockport St. Peter registers&nbsp;of christenings, marriages and burials have been indexed by the following groups:
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 <span class="HIT">Cheshire</span> <span class="HIT">Record</span> <span class="HIT">Office </span>Reference P 322&nbsp; <span class="HIT">Stockport</span> St Peter Parish records Date 1816-1999 Description Baptism registers 1878-1999; burial registers 1816-1935; confirmation registers 1901-1990; parochial statistics 1882-1905; PCC minutes 1954-1960; Church Union minutes 1915-1981; St Peter's National School managers' minutes 1894-1941; accounts 1903-1950
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