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Recipe added for research
== Find family members in the U.S. Census records.  ==

=====           It is often necessary to search several censuses to find and prove relationships. =====

=== Step 1. Search for your ancestor in the1850 and 1860 U.S. Census ===

*Establish the parents and children of this family in the earliest censuses where they can be found.<br>
*Always look at the original record, not just the index or transcript.

=== Step 2. Search for your ancestor in the 1880 U.S. Census. ===

*Look for married children with a parent living with them by searchng for the parent's name.<br>

''Tip:&nbsp; Parents are often found in the census records living with their married children. It is a good way to substantiate relationships and find additional family members.''

=== Step 4: Add new information to Family Tree. ===

*Add any newly found family members to the Family Tree.
*Be sure and check for any possible duplicates found in the Family Tree.
*Prepare temple work by clicking on green arrows found in the Tree and follow the directions on the page.<br>


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