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wrote the recipe
= Find family members in the Census records. Verify information with vital records. = === Step 1. Search for your ancestor in the[ 1900 U.S. Census] at === *Use the ancestor's name, birth year and birth place for a successful search. *When searching for a woman, use her married name. *Always look at the original record, not just the index or transcript. <br>  === Step 2: Verify the family information you find in the census with vital records, === *Look in [ &nbsp;Indiana Marriages, 1811-1959]. *Look for the parents' marriage. *Look for a child's marriage. It could list the parents' names. <br>  === Step 3: Add any additional individuals and information to Family Tree.&nbsp; === *Prepare temple work in Family Tree by clicking on any green arrows found in the tree.


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