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:*Closed for snow and ice during the winter.
=== Center Resources ===
*The Allen County Genealogical Society&nbsp; [] &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br>&nbsp; <br>
*The Welsh Society of Northwest Ohio&nbsp; [] &nbsp; <br>&nbsp; <br>
*The Welsh Society of Northwest Ohio Museum,&nbsp;Gomer, Ohio<br>&nbsp;[] <br>
=== Links ===
:*Allen County Ohio Wiki page&nbsp; [[Allen County, Ohio]] <br><br>
:*Allen County Ohio Cemeteries at<br>[;CScn=&amp;CScntry=4&amp;CSst=37&amp;CScnty=2041] <br><br>
:*Ohio Wiki page&nbsp; [[Ohio]] <br>
=== Volunteer Opportunities ===
:*We are always looking for people to help staff our Family History Center. If you have time and have interest in helping others along their family history quest, please call 1-904-716-5782 for more information. <br><br>
:*Help us with Indexing our digitized records so they can be searched easily. See FamilySearch Indexing at&nbsp;[]. <br>
=== Additonal Helps ===


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