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Removed the Family History Seminar information that is over.
The Lima Ohio Family History Center serves northwest Ohio. We are a short distance from Interstate Highway 75
<br> === '''Turning Your Heart to Your Ancestors''':&nbsp; <br>'''Family History Seminar''' === '''Free Classes and Displays'''  ==== '''Saturday, October 13, 2012''' ==== '''9:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.&nbsp; Lunch on your own'''  '''1195 Brower Road, Lima, Ohio'''  ==== '''Register at []&nbsp;for best class selection''' ==== {| border="1" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" width="600"|-| 9:30 a.m.&nbsp; | '''Registration''' |-| 9:45 a.m.&nbsp; | '''Opening Remarks''' |-| 10:00 a.m. | '''So You Want to Find Your Ancestors-Where to Start '''by Annette Pimentel  '''Rocks of Ages – Cemetery Research and Tombstone Art '''by Karen Bennett  '''Tricks for FamilySearch Websites Session 1''' by Karen Jones  '''FamilySearch Indexing Session 1 '''with Susan Smith and Jane Wilkerson |-| 11:00 a.m.&nbsp; | '''Locating Your Ancestor’s Hometown in Germany '''by Sam Schmidt  '''Up in Smoke – What to Do When the Courthouse Burns '''by Peggy Lauritzen  '''Ask the Experts Session 1'''  '''FamilySearch Indexing Session 2''' with Susan Smith and Jane Wilkerson |-| 12:00 noon&nbsp; &nbsp; | '''Lunch on Your Own&nbsp;'''- Bring Your Own Sack Lunch or Go to Neighboring Restaurants|-| 1:00 p.m.&nbsp; | '''Migration Trails to Ohio''' by Peggy Lauritzen  '''Now I Have It – How Do I Organize It '''by Joey Bowen and Jerry and Cheryl Jones  '''Tips and Tricks for FamilySearch Websites Session 2''' by Karen Jones&nbsp;  '''FamilySearch Indexing Session 3''' with Susan Smith and Jane Wilkerson |-| &nbsp;2:00 p.m.&nbsp; | '''Tech Tools for Genealogists '''by Karen Bennett  '''Obtaining Genealogical Records from Germany through Correspondence''' by Sam Schmidt  '''Ask the Experts Session 2'''&nbsp;  '''FamilySearch Indexing Session 4''' with Susan Smith and Jane Wilkerson |} ==== '''Class Descriptions''' ==== '''Ask the Experts<br>'''Take advantage of our speakers’ experiences and knowledge to ask your own questions specific to your family history research journey. We will have the speakers who are not presenting during this time to be of assistance to you. Bring your questions, documents, etc. so we can help you.  '''FamilySearch Indexing<br>'''Help make records free and searchable online by learning how to Index. View digital images and type what you see. See the website, for more information. Register ahead of time so you will have more time to Index when you are at the Family History Seminar or register at the Seminar. Susan Smith and Jane Wilkerson  '''Locating Your Ancestor’s Hometown in Germany<br>'''You have discovered your family history goes back to Germany, but where in Germany? This class will help you find ways to discover that elusive town your family came from. Sam Schmidt  '''Migration Trails to the Ohio<br>'''This class will focus on different groups that migrated to the newly-formed Ohio country and how the land was divided up as people began to settle. We will study these trails, as well as circumstances that brought people here. “Ohio fever” brought people to this western frontier state in droves. The division of the land became a pattern for most of the other land areas in the United States. Peggy Lauritzen, AG  '''Now I Have It - How Do I Organize It<br>'''You found some information about your family tree. How do you access it? Learn how to organize photos, documents, and other records in notebooks and on the computer so that you can enjoy the results of your research and share your information with others. Joey Bowen and Jerry and Cheryl Jones  '''Obtaining Genealogical Records from Germany through Correspondence<br>'''You have found that you have German ancestry. You may even have the exact town. Now how do you find the records in Germany? This class will show you how to overcome the language hurtle and write correspondence that will help you with your family history. Sam Schmidt  '''Rocks of Ages-Tombstone Art and Cemetery Research <br>'''Their tombstone inscription may be the last message left by your ancestors. Discover what they were trying to convey with the artwork and carvings on their gravestones, how to locate their place of burial and how to research in a cemetery. Karen Bennett, CG  '''So You Want to Find Your Ancestors-Where to Start<br>'''Just starting out with your family history search? This class will show you how to begin - where to start, find out what information is available, how to gather information from family, how to search, and what to do with the information that you find. Annette Pimentel  '''Tech Tools for Genealogists<br>'''Learn about new tech gadgets and ideas to help research your family history and record your findings. Items discussed include portable scanners, digital cameras, tablets, data storage and mobility, and more. Karen Bennett, CG  '''Tips and Tricks for FamlySearch Websites<br>'''Learn how to use the FamilySearch websites more efficiently. Includes advanced search tips for, ordering microfilm online, online research courses, tech tips, wiki, forums, getting help, and premium websites available only at FamilySearch Centers. Karen Jones  '''Up In Smoke!! What To Do When the Courthouse Burns<br>'''All is not lost when we learn that the county courthouse has burned. This lecture will look at alternatives for research in these “burned counties”. War and natural disasters have taken their toll on many of our nation’s county courthouses. Let’s look at some helpful sources that may still exist. Peggy Lauritzen, AG<br><br><br>'''<br>'''[[Image:LimaOhioFHC.GIF|right|350px|LimaOhioFHC.GIF]] ====
=== Center Contacts and Hours ===
:*Closed for snow and ice during the winter.
=== Center Resources ===
Cost for copies&nbsp;is 25 cents per page for the reader-printer and 10 cents for computer printouts.
You are also welcome to bring in your own digital camera or camera phone to take a picture of the images according to the copyright laws. There would be no cost for those images.  ----&lt;fck:hr&gt;
=== Center Services ===
==== Staff Research Specialties ====
We are an area that was settled by German immigrants. We have several patrons who are able to read the old German script.  ----&lt;fck:hr&gt;
=== Resources in the Local Area ===
*The Welsh Society of Northwest Ohio Museum,&nbsp;Gomer, Ohio<br>&nbsp;[]
=== Links ===
:*Allen County Ohio Wiki page&nbsp; [[Allen County, Ohio]] <br><br>:*Allen County Ohio Cemeteries at<br>[;CScn=&amp;CScntry=4&amp;CSst=37&amp;CScnty=2041] <br><br>
:*Ohio Wiki page&nbsp; [[Ohio]]
=== Volunteer Opportunities ===
:*We are always looking for people to help staff our Family History Center. If you have time and have interest in helping others along their family history quest, please call 1-904-716-5782 for more information. <br><br>
:*Help us with Indexing our digitized records so they can be searched easily. See FamilySearch Indexing at&nbsp;[].
=== Additonal Helps ===
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