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South Weber began in 1851 when the Watts and Bybee families arrived in the valley. Originally, it was in Weber County. At first, the only town at the mouth of Weber Canyon was East Weber or Easton, and it included the areas on both the north and south sides of the river. In 1855, the Territorial Legislature divided Easton in two and gave the area on the north side of the river the designation Uintah. The area on the south side was named South Weber. At the same time, the Weber River was designated as the dividing line between Weber and Davis Counties and South Weber was put in Davis County. The Town of South Weber was incorporated in 1938, and on 16 March 1971, with the population of 1,073, became a Third Class City. Joseph Staples was the President of the Town Board when South Weber was incorporated and LeRoy Poll became the first Mayor when the City was granted Third Class status. The present population is approximately 4,260 (2000 census).Histories and Tidbits

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South Weber Cemetery:

South Weber Cemetery is located at 575 East (Fort Lane) which is north of South Weber Drive.

Who is buried there: plot number followed by name

  1. Verna Ray and Twins
  2. none
  3. Taggart baby
  4. Matthew and Mary Firth
  5. none
  6. none
  7. none
  8. none
  9. none
  10. none
  11. Firth
  12. Kendell Earl (Earl baby)
  13. Wm. Bright
  14. John Ray, George W. Kendell
  15. John Firth
  16. none
  17. Mary Stark and Mat Young
  18. none
  19. (possibly Joseph W. Earl)
  20. Emily Bambrough, Stagge Graves, Mrs. Campbell, Joseph Warner
  21. Eli Smith, Better Brooks, Nathan Brooks
  22. Peek
  23. Lorenzo Firth
  24. Bendt Nielsen
  25. none
  26. none
  27. Eva Watts
  28. James Watts, Babies
  29. Robert T. Watts and kids: Robert, Hyrum and Henry Watts
  30. Ola Watts, Baby
  31. none
  32. none
  33. none
  34. none
  35. Margaret Jones
  36. James Carlos Watts, William; Jane?
  37. Hazel Watts, James Franklin
  38. none
  39. Firth
  40. none
  41. none
  42. none
  43. none
  44. Bowman
  45. none
  46. none
  47. none
  48. Cook
  49. none
  50. none
  51. none
  52. none
  53. none

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