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Social media includes web-based and mobile technologies used to turn communication into interactive dialogue.

These technologies can be used in genealogy as an aid in finding and evaluating records and resources. This wiki article is a form of social media, due to its open edit nature and discussion feature. Through connecting with social media you can connect with experts anywhere in the world. Each social media tool is specifically designed to share certain types of information at varying rates. A wiki is designed to share educational text at a slow rate of conversation, while a Skype chat is designed to share conversational video, audio, or text at a much faster faster (real-time) rate. Knowing the purpose or benefits of each tool will help you to use them in your genealogy search.

Websites about Using Social Media in Genealogy
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Types of Social Media (Research Wiki articles) [edit | edit source]

Blogs - online journal

  •  A blog is just a specialized web page (in fact, the name 'Blog' is short for 'WeB log').

FamilySearch Genealogy Research Groups - social network

  • There are hundreds of Facebook groups and pages which cover topics from research in a specific county to entire countries.

Flickr - photography and art sharing

  • Currently run by Yahoo, it is a great repository for photos and images a person has taken or owns that can be made available for people to find, and use.

Google+ - social network

  • Google+ is social network operated by Google.

Skype - chat software

  • Skype is free software that allows you to communicate with individuals or groups through video, audio, or typed chat.

Twitter - mirco-blog

  • Twitter is a service where you type short messages, called 'tweets' to broadcast a message about something you want others to know about.

Wikis - collaboration

  • A wiki is nothing more than a web page that can be modified by anybody who can view it.

YouTube - media and entertainment

  • YouTube is a site that has revolutionized the way people use the Internet to share short videos about just about anything.

Wikipedia has more about this subject: Social Media

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