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Civil Registration [Státné Matriky][edit | edit source]

Civil Registration refers to records of births, marriages, and deaths maintained by civil authorities. These records are a prime source for information about the vital events in an individual's life. The information in them can be used to compile pedigrees and family groups. They identify children, spouses, parents, as well as dates and places of vital events. They establish individual identity and are excellent sources for linking generations.

Time Period[edit | edit source]

Slovakia was part of the Hungarian Kingdom until 1918. Record-keeping for Civil Registration was uniform throughout the kingdom. For images and more information about civil registration in the Hungarian Kingdom, see Hungary Civil Registration page. One of the main reasons for the introduction of Hungarian civil registration in 1895 was the conflict in the late 1800s over the baptism of children of mixed marriages. In 1921 registration by civil authorities was enacted into law throughout the new Czechoslovak Republic.

Contents[edit | edit source]

  • Births – name of child, date of entry, place and date of birth; names, ages and residence of parents; until 1948, also the religion of parents, names of witnesses.
  • Marriages – date and place of marriage; names, occupations, dates and places of birth and residences of groom and bride; names and residences of parents and witnesses; until 1948, also the religion.
  • Deaths – name, occupation, residence and age of the deceased; dates of death and entry; names of surviving spouse and parents; place and cause of death; until 1948, also the religion.

Accessing the Records[edit | edit source]

Location: Municipal and subdistrict vital records offices [matričné úrady].

Accessibility: Some information can be obtained by correspondence or by visiting the vital records offices in person.[1]

  • MATRIČNÝ ÚRAD - Slov-Lex Directory of municipality civil registrars (here listed as matrimonial offices, but they handle births and deaths also. Use your computer's "Find" function to navigate the list.

The list shows which municipal office covers smaller villages.

  • Send requests to:
Matričné Úrad
(Zipcode) (Town)
  • A form for requesting records, information on payment, and other details can be found in the Slovakia Letter Writing Guide. Use the address above, not the archive address shown on the form.
  • You can arrange an international bank order or electronic transfer through Western Union or MoneyGram. Do not send money until the office notifies you of their fees and preferred payment method.

References[edit | edit source]

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