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Record Coverage[edit | edit source]

The table below displays the number of records from the county of Skanderborg included in the Denmark Baptisms database on

Please note that owing to privacy laws not all records in the database may be searchable. When the parish can not be identified the records are listed with only the county name. See Denmark Baptisms - FamilySearch Historical Records for a list showing the total number of records for by county in this collection.

County Parish Records
Skanderborg 4,717
Skanderborg Adslev 2,969
Skanderborg Alling 1,390
Skanderborg Blegind 375
Skanderborg Bryrup 1,566
Skanderborg Dover 5,077
Skanderborg Endelave 2,427
Skanderborg Fruering 4,964
Skanderborg Føvling 2,964
Skanderborg Gangsted 1,535
Skanderborg Gjern 2,478
Skanderborg Hammel 2,326
Skanderborg Hornborg 3,129
Skanderborg Horsens 15,914
Skanderborg Horsens Vor Frelser 2,195
Skanderborg Hvirring 6,908
Skanderborg Hylke 3,680
Skanderborg Hørning 1,201
Skanderborg Kattrup 2,112
Skanderborg Linå 687
Skanderborg Låsby 2,849
Skanderborg Mesing 1,506
Skanderborg Nebel 2,670
Skanderborg Ovsted 1,792
Skanderborg Ring 640
Skanderborg Rye 850
Skanderborg Røgen 2,792
Skanderborg Silkeborg 436
Skanderborg Skanderborg købstad 3,185
Skanderborg Skanderborg Stilling 1,105
Skanderborg Skannerup 6,636
Skanderborg Søby 964
Skanderborg Sønder Vissing 990
Skanderborg Søvind 3,543
Skanderborg Them 2,921
Skanderborg Træden 485
Skanderborg Tulstrup 1,554
Skanderborg Tvilum 3,769
Skanderborg Tønning 551
Skanderborg Tørring 933
Skanderborg Tåning 896
Skanderborg Vedslet 3,068
Skanderborg Veng 5,071
Skanderborg Vinding 728
Skanderborg Vitved 1,014
Skanderborg Voerladegård 2,113
Skanderborg Voldby 1,832
Skanderborg Vrads 1,349
Skanderborg Vær 2,943
Skanderborg Åle 2,670