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Purpose of Research Tips and Strategies Wiki Page

The Singapore Research Tips and Strategies page consists of links to specific research strategies for Singapore. It also contains general tips and other resources for finding your ancestors in this locality.

Singapore Research Tips[edit | edit source]

Private Records and Artifacts[edit | edit source]

Gathering together and collecting family artifacts and records is helpful in piecing together information that is already known. This can assist in giving clues to family and where research should begin.

Official Records and Sources[edit | edit source]

Official records for Singapore include civil registrations for birth, marriage, and death. These records are helpful in finding out the exact dates and locations for events.

Church Records[edit | edit source]

Church records can be helpful as they often give the place of a person's residence, and dates for christenings/baptisms, marriages, and burials.

Record Finder[edit | edit source]

This table can help you decide which records to search using the following steps:

What you are looking for: Try these records first: Other useful records:
Age Civil Registration Church Records, School Records, and Colonial Records
Birth date and birthplace Civil Registration and Colonial Records
Death information Civil Registration and Colonial Records Cemetery Records and Newspapers
Emigration information Colonial Records
Maiden name Civil Registration and Church Records Newspapers
Marriage information Civil Registration and Church Records Colonial Records
Parents, children, and other family members Church Records and Civil Registration Newspapers
Places of residence Church Records
Religion Church Records Newspapers
Social activities Newspapers School Records

Online Websites[edit | edit source]