Sheppey Poor Law Union,Kent

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History[edit | edit source]

The land and the money for Minster's first poorhouse was apparently donated to the people of Minster in a charitable trust by Sir John Hayward in the 17th century.

The thatch of Minster Workhouse caught fire and the whole building was burnt down in 1789. It was rebuilt at Minster and later a Gilbert Union of Minster in Sheppey, Kent Genealogy and Eastchurch, Kent Genealogy was formed. Later Queenborough, Kent Genealogy and Sheerness, Kent Genealogy parishes joined.

The Sheppey Poor Law Union was created on 25 March 1835 and expanded the Minster site. In 1889 a fire damaged Minster Workhouse.

1938. The Workhouse Union buildings were re-opened as Minster Hospital later called Sheppey Hospital. The Hospital has now closed and plans for development as residential housing have still to be concluded.

For more information on the history of the workhouse, see Peter Higginbotham's web site:

Constituent Parishes[edit | edit source]

Eastchurch, Kent Genealogy Elmley, Kent Genealogy Harty, Kent Genealogy Leysdown, Kent Genealogy Minster in Sheppey, Kent Genealogy Queenborough, Kent Genealogy Sheerness, Kent Genealogy Warden, Kent Genealogy