Seacombe St Paul,Poulton-cum-Seacombe,Cheshire

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History[edit | edit source]

Seacombe St Paul was created from Wallasey Ancient parish in 1847 and included the  villages of Poulton Lancelyn, Seacombe and Somerville.

St. Paul's Church was designed by John Hay of Liverpool. The foundation stone was laid down on the 6th June 1846 in the style of Early Middle Pointed of the 13th Century. It was consecrated on the 12th October 1847 and the Revered Edward Roberts, B. A, became the first vicar.
When the sandstone church was completed it had a spire of 120 feet but it was deemed as too dangerous so 20 feet was removed from the top. The church has been enlarged twice and currently holds about 650 people.

Church Records
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Wallasey, St. Hilary (C of E). The ancient parish church for Poulton cum Seacombe.
Seacombe, St. Paul (C of E). A separate parish from 1847. Registers of Baptisms 1847–1988 and Marriages 1848–1985 have been deposited at the Cheshire Record Office.

Bishop's transcripts for Seacombe, 1851-1885 Also called St. Paul's Chapel. Chapelry (now a parish) in Wallasey parish. Cheshire Record Office Call Number: EDB 183

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Baptisms 1851, 1885. FHL BRITISH Film
1647670 Item 6

Egremont, St. John (C of E). The parish church for part of Poulton cum Seacombe since 1884.
Poulton, St. Luke (C of E), Breck Road. Founded 1907 as the parish church for part of Poulton cum Seacombe. Registers of Baptisms and Marriages from 1907 are held at the church (no burials).
Somerville, St. Peter (C of E). A chapel to Seacombe. Registers of Baptisms from 1921 are held at the church (no marriages or burials

Non-Conformist Churches
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 Seacombe, Our Lady and St. Joseph (Roman Catholic), Wheatland Lane. Founded 1860, Built in 1889.
 Poulton, Methodist Chapel (Wesleyan), Brighton Street. Founded 1859. Church records for the Brighton Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Seacombe, 1902-1954 Brighton Street Chapel (Seacombe, Cheshire : Wesleyan Methodist) Some of the registers indicate the chapel being in Seacombe. Other registers indicate the chapel is in Wallesey. Seacombe is a chapelry in Wallasey parish. Cheshire Record Office call no.: EMS 120/13/1-6.

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Marriages, 1902-1954 FHL BRITISH Film
2299525 Items 22 - 27

 Poulton, Presbtyerian Chapel (Welsh Calvinist), Liscard Road. Founded 1837, Built in 1878.

 Church records for the Poulton Road Primitive Methodist Chapel, Seacombe, 1916-1941 Poulton Road Chapel (Seacombe, Cheshire : Primitive Methodist) Seacombe is a chapelry in Wallasey parish. Cheshire Record Office call no.: EMS 127/6/1-3. Seacombe is a chapelry in Wallasey parish. Cheshire Record Office call number: EMS 127/6/1-3.

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Marriages, 1916-1941. VAULT BRITISH Film
2299526 Items 1 - 3

Church records for the St. Paul's Road United Methodist Free Chapel, Seacombe, 1909-1934 St. Paul's Road Chapel (Seacomb, Cheshire : United Methodist Free) Seacombe is a chapelry in Wallasey parish. Cheshire Record Office call number: EMS 123/1

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Baptisms, 1909-1934 VAULT BRITISH Film
2299526 Item 4

 Poulton, Presbyterian Chapel, Brougham Road. Founded 1862, Built in 1912.
 Seacombe, Methodist Chapel, Wheatland Lane. Built in 1883.
 Seacombe, New Bethel Methodist Chapel. Built in 1892.
 Seacombe, United Reformed Church (Independent/Congregational), Liscard Road. ReBuilt in 1905.

Non-Conformist Records
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Poor Law Unions
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Registration Districts
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Wirral (1837–61)

  •  Birkenhead (1861–1912).