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Military Research in Schleswig-Holstein[edit | edit source]

The two duchies Schleswig and Holstein belonged militarily speaking until 1864 to Denmark. In 1867 the duchies became Prussian provinces. Military records can be in the State Archive in Copenhagen, in the Landesarchiv Schleswig-Holstein in Gottorf, and for certain time frames records can be found in the Niedersächsische Staatsarchiv of Oldenburg/Oldenburg. Generally speaking, it is easier to find officers in military records for Schleswig-Holstein than it is to find soldiers of lesser rank.

In 1868 the Prussians dissolved the Danish military parishes and established “Militärgemeinden” for the Evangelical and Catholic church. They belonged to the State Church but came under military command. The records list only information regarding soldiers and their families. In 1945 these military parishes were dissolved. The Evangelische Landeskirche has records from Apenrade, Augustenburg, Flensburg, Hadersleben, Itzehoe, Mölln, Neumünster, Oldesloe, Ratzeburg, Rendsburg and Schleswig.

For best results in finding information about an ancestor who was in the military, the regiment must be known. For the Prussian army (1807-1867) Alexander v. Lyncker put together a book, which lists all military units with names, their leaders, histories of maneuvers, enlistings and church records. ( Lyncker v. Alexander. Die Preußische Armee 1807-1867 und ihre sippenkundlichen Quellen. Berlin 1939)

For Danish military research, if the regiment is not known, the so called Leagdsruller number, which is issued to all males at birth can help trace an ancestor. (See FamilySearch Wiki, Portal Denmark: Military). Since 1774 Stambogen (listings of soldiers on active duty) were established. Such lists give names, birth place, age at beginning of active duty, eye and hair color, religion and profession. (See FamilySearch Catalog for Stambøger). Further research can be conducted through archival holdings of the Military Archive in the State Archive of Copenhagen. Here the records for the two garrisons Rendsburg and Glückstadt are housed. They cover the years 1676-1863 for the Stockhaus and the so called slave records from 1701-1850 as well as records from 1736-1737, 1740, 1742, 1745 and 1748. For Glückstadt archival records for the years 1720-1814 are available.

In the State Archive of Schleswig-Holstein are military records for the time frame 1737-1864. Department 8 (reference) contains the archival records of the Gottorf administration in Kiel up to 1773. Here are listed military members and the war commission. If information is not available in these records, the records of the Niedersächsische Staatsarchiv in Oldenburg/O. should be consulted, where most of them were deposited in an exchange from 1773. From 1784 on the Deutsche Kanzlei in Copenhagen took care of all administrative issues concerning Schleswig-Holstein. All records then established are today in the Landesarchiv in Gottorf. Important are the “Lageregister” 1847-1853 and the “Aushebungsrollen” 1847-1864. During the time of the Revolt (1848-1851) Schleswig-Holstein had its own army, marine and military laws.

Verlustliste über die Gefallenen der Schleswigschen Kriege von 1848-1864 [List of fallen soldiers in the Schleswig Wars from 1848-1864 have been indexed at this link.

Here are lists of those who died during 1848 and 1849,

The following websites have information about German graves in Jutland.


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Stolz, Gerd. Genealogische Quellen für das Militär in Schleswig-Holstein seit dem 18. Jahrhundert in Familienkundliches Jahrbuch Schleswig-Holstein.

For the cities in Holstein, the directive was given from Denmark to established lists in which men were entered at birth, the so called Lageregister. These lists kept track of the men until they no longer were eligible for military services. Read the following article

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