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Lutheran Churches of Schleiz[edit | edit source]

Four churches are currently considered part of Schleiz, City Church, Oschitz, and Mönchgrün.  For information on these churches and contact info, see:

Schleiz Kirchenkreis[edit | edit source]

The Church District of Schleiz includes 29 offices, each responsible for multiple churches.  Schleiz, itself, is the largest parish and includes four offices in:  Two in Schleiz, and one each in Kirschkau and Möschlitz.

Church Records[edit | edit source]

The church books in Schleiz are currently being microfilmed by the EKMD (Evangelical Church in Middle Germany) to be housed in Eisenach.  When the microfilming is complete, the books will be returned to the local churches in mid-2011. 

For information about the archive in Eisenach, go to

Family History Library Holdings[edit | edit source]

Currently, the FHL has very few records for the Schleiz area. 

A description of church records of Reuß-jüngere-Linie (of which Schleiz was a part) can be found in the book, Die evangelischen Kirchenbücher Thüringens by Karl Güldenapfel (943.22 K23g).  Please note that this book does not contain the records, just the dates they began, such as:

Stadtgemeinde (City Congregation)[edit | edit source]
  • Baptisms, Marriages,Deaths - 1597 -
  • Confirmations - 1894 -
Schlossgemeinde (Castle Congregation)[edit | edit source]
  • Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths - 1706-1881
  • Burials - 1723-1759
Göschitz (Schleiz)[edit | edit source]
  • Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths - 1641
  • Confession/communion lists - 1753
  • Confirmations - 1854
  • Seelenregister (Soul Registers) - 1858
Lössau (Schleiz-Kirschkau)[edit | edit source]
  • Baptisms - 1653
  • Marriages - 1654
  • Burials - 1653
  • Confession lists - 1720 [gap 1746-1877]
  • Confirmations - 1754



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