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Directories and Address Books[edit | edit source]

Directories are alphabetical lists of names and addresses. Some German directories list all the adult residents or tradesmen who lived in a town or area at the time the directory was published. The German term is "Adressbuch", plural "Adressbücher".

Address books, AKA city directories, can be a big help when researching in larger towns and cities. Some directories cover a larger, more rural area, such as a Kreis. Others exclude large segments of the population. For example, the city directory of Vienna, Austria, does not list servants and laborers for many years. Some address books only include businesses [like today’s “Yellow Pages”]. It pays to check out the book’s introduction pages.

Saxony (Sachsen) Address Books Online[edit | edit source]

Historic address books are valuable sources for regional history and private family research. Now you can conveniently search Saxon address books for people or street names, view related maps and photos, and browse through other directories, such as businesses or government agencies.