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Description: Guide to Russo parish, Ticino, Switzerland, ancestry, family history, and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, parish census, civil census, family history, area history, and military records.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Russo is a parish within the Onsernone valley region of the District of Locarno, Canton Ticino, Switzerland. In 1995 the municipality of Russo merged with neighboring Crana and Comologno to form the larger municipality of Onsernone.

History[edit | edit source]

Russo split away from the parish of Loco in about 1656. Besides Russo itself, it originally also contained the villages of Comologno, Corbella, Crana, Spruga, Vocaglia, and Vergeletto/Gresso. Two of the earliest mentions of the modern village of Russo are in 1231, when it was called de Ruxi; and 1277 as Russio. Russo was part of the Squadra of Russo, one of the five Squadre that made up the medieval community of Onsernone.

Place names[edit | edit source]

Municipalities[edit | edit source]

These are the primary locations within the original parish of Russo, along with the date they left to establish their own parish or became absorbed into a different parish.

Municipality Year split off from Russo
Comologno 1715; formed own parish
Corbella 1766; joined Comologno parish
Crana 1787; formed own parish
Gresso 1757; joined Vergeletto parish
Russo n/a
Spruga 1715; joined Comologno parish
Vergeletto 1757; formed own parish
Vocaglia 1766; joined Comologno parish

Surrounding parishes[edit | edit source]







Collections[edit | edit source]

Parish registers[edit | edit source]

The following parish registers are available on microfilm:

Item FHL Film
Marriages 1656-1703 11751182 Items 4-6
Baptisms 1666-1769 "
Deaths 1666-1709 "
Baptisms 1841-1899 11751183 Items 1-5
Marriages 1710-1884 "
Deaths 1660-1899 "

Persons researching families from these locations will need to consult both the Russo parish records for earlier dates, and the appropriate registers for municipalities that split off from Russo as needed.

Parish records are mostly written in the Latin language, with some Italian. Help with translating the Latin records can be found here

Census[edit | edit source]

There is an 1808 civil census from Ticino available on microfilm. This census enumerates males only. Russo is found in this census on pages 178-180. There is a large gap (1769-1841) in the Russo baptism records, and this 1808 census can be helpful in bridging that gap.

The 1808 Ticino census is available on film FHL 1196718

Surnames[edit | edit source]

Soprannomi[edit | edit source]

Soprannomi It is important for researchers of this parish to keep in mind that “soprannomi” are used in the church records. Soprannomi roughly translates as “nickname”. A soprannome is not a nickname in a personal sense, but a designation of different branches of the same family. An example of why soprannomi would be used would be to distinguish a branch of a family that owned and lived on land in a certain area, etc.

Soprannomi appear mainly in earlier parish records. They can appear several ways. For example, a soprannome of one branch of the Garbani family is “Gardelli”. In the parish register, their records may say either “Garbani”; Garbani-Gardelli”; “Gardelli”; or “Garbani dicti Gardelli”, where dicti translates as ‘otherwise known as’.

Researchers should remain alert to the use of these name variations. At time the usage can frequently change back and forth in the records. Sometimes the surname will permanently change.

Following are surnames associated with the parish of Russo, along with some name variations, listed by by municipality. Not every surname listed below is designated by the Register of Swiss Surnames as having citizenship in the towns they are listed in here; they are included based on their presence in the communities and associated genealogical sources.

Russo[edit | edit source]

Surname Soprannomi
Domenigoni Porteglia
Garbani Capino; Gardelli; Longhini; Moschini; Negro; Orsini
Rima Tonacini; Vocalia
Rusconi Gubeti

Comologno, Spruga, Corbella, and Vocaglia[edit | edit source]

Surname Soprannomi
Gamboni Formiga
Mordasini Campraro; Fumati; Meneghini
Remonda Domilia; Fiorenza; Furmig; Insorni; Isorni; Noni
Tonacini Rima; Vocalia

Crana[edit | edit source]

Surname Soprannomi
Gaffini Galoni
Sartori Ingigniero

Vergeletto[edit | edit source]

Surname Soprannomi
Domenigoni Porteglia
Garbani Marcantini
Rima Tonacini; Vocalia
Speziali Batta

Gresso[edit | edit source]

Surname Soprannomi
Domenigono Porteglia
Fiscalini Garbani; Garbani-Fiscalini
Garbani Capino; Gardelli; Longhini; Negro; Orsini
Rima Tonacini; Vocalia
Speziali Batta

Related sources[edit | edit source]

Libraries and archives[edit | edit source]

Ticino State Archives

Website can be found here

Contact information: Archivio di Stato del Cantone Ticino

Viale S. Franscini 30a 6500 Bellinzona

Telephone: +41 91 814 13 20

Fax: +41 91 814 13 29


Periodicals[edit | edit source]

La Voce Onsernonese

La Voce Onsernonese is a locally produced and published Italian language periodical which contains a wealth of valuable information about the people, culture, history, and landscape of the Onsernone Valley area. Most of the issues from its inception in 1972 through 2012 are archived and viewable online.

References[edit | edit source]

Historical Dictionary of Switzerland

Register of Swiss Surnames