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Organization Stats: Year Organized: 1892 Year Incorporated: 1977 State of Incorporation: Delaware Number of Members: 250

Social Media: Blog: Facebook: Google+: Twitter:

Membership Information:

Membership in the Reynolds Family Association is open to all who are interested in any Reynolds family, by any spelling and to anyone who otherwise supports the Association's purposes.

Membership Benefits: Benefits of the Reynolds Family Association include but are not limited to the following: • Subscription to our quarterly newsletter, the RFA Dispatch • Subscription to our "Live Chat" • Subscription to our "Members Only" mailing list, • Admission to our "Members Only" web site at • Invitation to our Annual Reunion

Meetings: The only meeting that the Reynolds Family Association has is our once a year Annual Reunion which is held in different states or the USA.

Services: The Reynolds Family Association, not affiliated with any other Reynolds family group, is not a genealogical society and is not a commercial research enterprise. It is just a group of people wharing the bond of belonging to the family of Reynolds and wishing to maintain its history for future generations. RFA function and endures on the volunteer time and commitment of individual members.

RFA has as its official purpose: • To share genealogical information, • Promote recognition of a common ancestry, • Develop acquaintance among Reynolds kindred, and • Collect and maintain a permanent record of Reynolds family history for future generations.

Specialty: N/A

Certificate Programs: None

Periodicals: Reynolds Recollection, newsletter published 1983-2008

RFA Dispatch, quarterly newsletter published 2012-Present

Publications: RFA Annuals, 1899 - 1937

Several Books published in the early 1920's

RFA Centennial Collection published in 1992