Research Department Patron Files 1928 to 1966

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In 1924 the Genealogical Society of Utah established the Research Bureau. The Research Department was one of three divisions in the Research Bureau which helped people search and compile records for a small fee. This service ended in 1966. The material collected is available on 4018 rolls of microfilm.

Contents[edit | edit source]

The Research Department patron files include:

    • research notes
    • family group records
    • pedigree charts
    • correspondence
    • various indexes
          1. Card Index to Patron's Pedigree Surnames
          2. Card index to Patron Surnames
          3. Index to Parishes Searched for Patrons
          4. Card Index to Microfilmed Patron Files

What you must know to use these records[edit | edit source]

These records are best used if you know or suspect that a family member may have paid for genealogical research between 1928 and 1966.

How to search[edit | edit source]

  1. Visit a family history center and search:
    • Card Index to Microfilmed Patron Files (Patron surnames A - J) microfilm 1059525
    • Card Index to Microfilmed Patron Files (Patron surnames K - Z) microfilm 1059526
  2. Find the name of a relative who paid for research on the indexes listed above and note the microfilm number listed for that patron file.
  3. Obtain the patron file microfilm and examine it.

For further information see also Research Department Patron Files.