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Exercises[edit | edit source]

1.  US Census[edit | edit source]

a. Read Wiki articles:
i. Strategies for Using U.S. Census
ii.  United States Census go to Content of Federal Census Records ; Look at a page for each census.
iii. New York Census

     b.  Print a 1810 blank census form from United States Census lok at Content of Federal Census Records]

c. Look through the following book: *Stemmons, John D. The United States Census Compendium. Logan, Utah: Everton Publishers, 1973. (Family History Library book 973 X2st.) 
d. Colonial Censuses 
i. Read Wiki articles:
A. New Hampshire Colonial Census
B. United States Census Colonial Also click on the 1840 Pensioners link
e. 1790-1840
f. 1850-1930
g. Special Census Schedules (Slave, Mortality, Agricultural, Industrial, Etc.)
i.  Read the Special Censuses section of the Census Wiki article.

2.  Canadian Census[edit | edit source]

     a.  1851-1911

     b.  Pre-1851

3.  US Military Records

     a.  Revolutionary War

     b.  War of 1812

     c.  Civil War

     d.  World War I

     e. World War II

     f.  Colonial Wars

     g.  Wars between Civil War and WWI

     h.  Military Records during Peace Time

4.  Canadian Military Records

5.  US Immigration Records

6.  Canadian Immigration Records

7.  US Naturalization Records

8.  Canadian Naturalization Records

9.  Church Records

10.  US Vital Records (Birth, Marriage, and Death Records)

     a. Pre-1900s

     b.  1900s

11.  Finding People after 1900

12.  Analysis

13.  Archives and Libraries

14.  Bible Records

15.  Cemeteries

16.  Court Records

17.  Directories

18.  Passports

19.  Gazetteers

20.  Genealogies

21.  Historical Geography

22.  History

23.  Land Records

     a.  Proprietors

     b.  Military

     c.  Deeds

     d.  Homesteads

24.  Maps

25.  Minorities

26.  Native Races

27.  Newspapers

28.  Obituaries

29.  Periodicals

30.  Probate Records

31.  Societies

32.  Tax Records

33.  Town Records

34.  Adoptions

35.  Notarial Records

36.  School Records

37.  Correctional Institutions Records

38.  Divorce Records

39.  Funeral Home Records

40.  Public Records

41.  Officials and Employee Records

42.Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Records

43.  Ancestry

44. Footnote

45.  Other Internet sites

46.  Corporate Desktop on computers at reference desks

US/Canada In-Service Classes[edit | edit source]

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Records

Methods[edit | edit source]

Self training with exercises

Discussion groups