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Changes to be made to the wiki after the deploy:

The foreign languages are looking for "Main_Page" instead of "Pagina_Prinicpal" or whatever it is in the other language in order to display main page content.

Make sure the translations are in MediaWiki for Browse, etc. - Go to Special:AllMessages to find the MediaWiki default messages, and go to Special:AllPages and switch to the MediaWiki namespace to find the custom messages.

Nice to have after deploy:

Ensure not an issue after deploy:

Content Issues for Admins:

TEST CASES (things to validate that are working):
CIS Integration
CIS Redirects (eg. if in /de/ and click to Sign in, the CIS Sign In page should be in /de/ also)
Stay signed in from Wiki to Forums back to Wiki
Foreign language URLS at bottom of page (English, Español, Português, Svenska)
- Present
- Wired correctly
All Foreign Language URLs (/de/, /en/, /es/, /fr/, /it/, /ja/, /ko/, /pt/, /ru/, /sv/, /zh/)
Images (no broken images)
Content (compare prod vs. prod_vm content)
Editing a page
General look and feel
Response time