Prioritized List of Online England County Church Records

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Introduction[edit | edit source]

This table contains a prioritized list of websites and resources that cover county church records for the Church of England. This strategy page is to assist researchers in locating the best resource to locate an ancestor and does not contain all resources available. A complete list of all websites for Church of England church records can be found on the England Church Records page.

To use this table:[edit | edit source]

  • The resources are prioritized from left to right, with the left column containing the most complete coverage for the county.
  • Percentages in brackets indicate the approximate percentage of the records included in that collection. Many collections will have a table or index showing the specific parishes and years they have records for.
  • OPC is an abbreviation for Online Parish Clerks, a group of websites that transcribes parish records and make them freely available online, and FHS is an abbreviation for Family History Society.
  • Many of these collections have the baptisms, marriages and burials on separate webpages. Links to the resources from all this table are always to the baptisms.
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County (pre-1974) Best coverage Less Coverage Offline Records
Bedfordshire FamilySearch (98%) Bedfordshire Archives ($ or in person)
Berkshire FamilySearch(70%) FindMyPast ($) Berkshire Record Office (in person)
Buckinghamshire FamilySearch (50%) FindMyPast ($) Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies (in person)
Cambridgeshire Cambridgeshire FHS FamilySearch(70%) FindMyPast ($) Cambridgeshire FHS CDs ($). Can be accessed for free at the FHL in Salt Lake City.
Cheshire FamilySearch (70%) FindMyPast ($) ($) Cheshire Parish Register Project
Cornwall FamilySearch Cornwall OPC FreeReg (85%, mostly marriages) FindMyPast ($)
Cumberland FamilySearch (80%)
Derbyshire FindMyPast (85%) ($) FamilySearch (75%) ($)
Devon FindMyPast ($) FamilySearch (50%)
Dorset FamilySearch ($) FindMyPast ($) TheGenealogist ($)
Durham FamilySearch FindMyPast ($) FreeReg (25%) Durham Records Online Durham Record Office (in person)
Essex FamilySearch TheGenealogist ($) FindMyPast ($) Essex OPC Essex Record Office ($) or in person.
Gloucestershire ($) FamilySearch TheGenealogist ($) Bath and Avon FHS ($) CDs
Hampshire FamilySearch TheGenealogist ($) FindMyPast ($) Hampshire Record Office marriage index (mostly complete)
Herefordshire FamilySearch (80%) HARC (in person)
Hertfordshire FamilySearch (90%) FindMyPast ($)
Huntingdonshire FamilySearch FindMyPast ($) (burials) Huntingdonshire Archives (in person)
Kent FamilySearch FindMyPast ($) ($) Kent OPC
Lancashire ($)* FamilySearch Lancashire OPC FindMyPast (Manchester only) ($)
Leicestershire FamilySearch (40%) FindMyPast ($) Leicestershire and Rutland FHS (70%)
Lincolnshire FamilySearch (85%) FreeReg (82%) FindMyPast ($)
London* FamilySearch (90%) ($)
Middlesex (60%) ($) FindMyPast ($) FamilySearch
Norfolk FreeReg (75%) ($) FamilySearch FindMyPast ($)
Northamptonshire ($) FreeReg (71%) Northamptonshire FHS FHL has Northamptonshire CDs
Northumberland FamilySearch (85%) FindMyPast ($) FreeReg (80%) FamilySearch
Nottinghamshire FreeReg (90%) ($) FindMyPast ($) FamilySearch Nottinghamshire Archives
Oxfordshire ($) FamilySearch (85%) Oxfordshire FHS
Rutland FamilySearch (80%) FindMyPast ($)
Shropshire FindMyPast ($) FamilySearch
Somerset ($) FreeReg (85%) FamilySearch (30%) FindMyPast ($)
Staffordshire FamilySearch (85%) FindMyPast ($) FreeReg (85%)
Suffolk FamilySearch (65%) FindMyPast ($) Suffolk Record Office (in person)
Surrey (70%) ($) FindMyPast ($) FamilySearch
Sussex FamilySearch (65%) Sussex OPC TheGenealogist ($) FindMyPast ($) (burials)
Warwickshire ($)* FamilySearch FindMyPast ($) Warwickshire OPC
Westmorland FamilySearch (70%) Kendal Archival Center (in person)
Wiltshire FindMyPast ($) FamilySearch (50%) FreeReg (80%) ($)
Worcestershire FamilySearch (75%) TheGenealogist ($)
Yorkshire ($) (West Yorkshire) FamilySearch (75%) FindMyPast ($)
  • Ancestry also has records for Birmingham and Manchester separate from the records for Warwickshire and Lancashire respectively.