Prince Edward Island Minorities

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Canada Gotoarrow.png Prince Edward Island Genealogy Gotoarrow.png Prince Edward Island Minorities

French Colonists

The first continuous French settlement was begun in 1720. The main settlement during the next two decades was the fishing port of St. Peters. Populations for the entire Island ranged from about 300 to 450 during these years. In August 1755 the Acadian settlers were expelled from the Bay of Fundy, in what are now the coasts of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, by the British. Many came to Prince Edward Island causing the population to rise near 5,000. The Island was essentially a refugee camp.

In 1758, the British rounded up French settlers on Prince Edward Island and removed them. There were only about 300 Acadians remaining in 1763.

Scotch and Irish Colonists

Between 1770 and 1775 several hundred Scottish Highlanders immigrants established farmsteads around Tracadie Bay.

In 1773, 120 English and Scotch settlers came to the New London area. In the Covehead area, a number of Protestant families settled in 1775 to 1780. French families remained in the Rustico area. The largest single emigrant group, 800 Highland Scots, arrived in 1803.

In the 1830's substantial numbers of Irish immigrated to the Island from northern Ireland, particularly County Monaghan. [1]