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The Family History Library will begin a phased reopening on Tuesday, July 6, 2021. Initially, hours will be 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday-Friday, with plans to extend to additional days and hours in the future. For the latest Family History Library status updates, please refer to the FamilySearch newsroom.

General Tips Before Coming to the Family History Library[edit | edit source]

  1. Select a goal: Review your family tree and decide which ancestor or family you want to learn more about. What specific questions you have? Who are the parents of Warren Dodge? When did Frank Barnes die?
  2. Select a location: Identify the places where your ancestors lived or may have lived.
  3. Check the catalog: Visit the FamilySearch Catalog and see what records are available for that place.
  4. Make a list of resources to check: Make a list of microfilms, books and online images you'd like to use while at the Family History Library. Be sure to include call numbers or film and item numbers. An easy way to do this is to print out the listings from the Family History Library Catalog. Be sure to check the location of each item in the catalog in case the films and books in case any are in the vault or offsite storage. See below for more information on how to request them.
  5. Be prepared to save or make copies of what you find: Bring a flash drive with you to make copies of microfilm images and books. You can also purchase copy cards and flash drives at the Family History Library.
  6. Consult with a Research Specialist: If you plan to consult with a library staff member about one of your research questions, please bring relevant documents and all information you have with you.

Resources Available at the Family History Library[edit | edit source]

Family History Library Guests

The Family History Library has many resources available free of charge. Some of our resources are photo and slide scanners, digital film readers, microfilm readers, classes and webinars, subscription websites, professional research specialists, and volunteers. For a detailed list of resources see the following link: Guest Resources at the Family History Library

Parking at the Family History Library[edit | edit source]

Click the new Temple Square parkinglink to get information on where to park in and around Temple Square, including the Family History Library, parking hours and rate information, UTA Trax information, and more.

Library Rules[edit | edit source]

While visiting the Library, be sure to view the current listing of Family History Library Rules.

Request a "Vault Film"[edit | edit source]

There is a 10 film limit per guest per day.

Microfilms and microfiche in the Granite Mountain Record Vault (Vault) may take several days to reach the Family History Library. If the Catalog shows a film/fiche is in the vault, we recommend that you order it ahead of time so it will be at the Library when you arrive.

Click here to order films from the vault to the Family History Library

You can find more information about ordering films from the vault by clicking here.

Request a "Off-Site Storage Book"[edit | edit source]

When planning a trip to the Family History Library, you can check the currently availability of items in the catalog. Books that are in off-site storage can be ordered ahead of time to ensure they will be available during your visit.

Click here to order off-site storage books to the Family History Library.

You can find more information about off-site storage books by clicking here.